Would you be able to live in 80sq ft?

Sustainability IS a wicked problem. It’s split up into several other different problems with problems branching off those problems and more problems growing onto those problems and it’s a never ending cycle of trying to figure out a solution to sustainability. Each little movement helps. Seeing a problem then tackling it head on is how we will help sustainability significantly.

The LOLA show that talked about helping people with tremors eat better was really interesting. She talked about a product, Dining with Dignity by Liftware. Your hand will shake 70% less when using these utensils. It also comes with attachments so you can have multi uses out of it.

One of the LOLA shows that I thought was really cool was was one of the activism for older individual, nanotechnology for bamboo charcoal. Seeing all of the benefits from it makes it hard to not like. It’s also found within oceans, mountains, waterfalls, etc. That makes you realize how peaceful and beneficial this product is. Dr. Comfort is a brand that produces products from this technique, including socks, Vital Salveo for hikers and Greenyarn for more athletic types but keeping the elderly in mind.

Another LOLA show I enjoyed was the Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing, a clothing line specifically for handicapped people. I wouldn’t think about clothing for people who don’t get up very often. You often do think though “I’m gonna be in the car/plane all day” when taking long road trips/flights and you dress accordingly, aka comfy as possible. But with people you are wheelchair bound, that is there everyday outfit. It’s the largest supplier of specialty clothing and founded in Canada in 1930. It isn’t the trendiest but it covers your basic clothing needs and it comfortable for the users.

I feel like this Design Slam went a bit better than the first one, I think maybe because we were a bit more prepared or knew what we were expecting. I enjoyed brainstorming with my group to come up with sustainable ideas. We came up with f3 to help Meg Ryan and others out with their wrist pains and lower back discomfort when sitting in a desk all day or any other activity.

I’ve heard and been to Alana’s tiny house before. It’s amazing what you can do with 165 sq ft. When she said that people live in less, about 80 sq ft, I was like “how is that possible?!” Tiny living just isn’t for me. I think it’s a great idea and concept and I will support anyone who participates in it, but I would never be able to live like that.

I thought Bingyue Alisa Wei’s talk about her lego influenced apparel called “The Movement” was really interesting. It was cool to see all her work that she figured out and the different styles she came up with. She came up with 4 different styles that could be further broken up in their own categories. Style 001 was a simple dress top outfit that one of the skirt pieces could be turned into a bag, style 002, style 003 that featured pockets in the dress, and style 004 that was a fashionable jumpsuit for all body types. She found some limits and situations that she would change in the future or reconsider when designing more of her designs.

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