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I would define sustainability as finding a way to live a life of minimalism. As a designer, I would define sustainability as creating a space or product that has not caused or will not cause any harm to the environment by using upcycling. Overall, sustainability is protecting our environment in order to preserve all it provides organisms. At the begging of the semester my definition of sustainability was reduce, reuse, recycle. This was a very broad definition and there was so much more to learn. We learned about how we can live a more sustainable life, but we also learned how we could practice sustainability in our careers as designers. This is what I had not thought of.
Statistics during the TED talks were epiphanies to me. How 90 something percent of our natural forests are already depleted and our ocean life is being killed by pollution. Also, the statistics on global warming itself were eye opening. I have argued with people who believe climate change is a hoax and it was great to hear scientists explain the reasoning behind our stance. It has been shown that climate change is not something you can chose to believe in, it is a fact. The minimal lifestyle the guest speaker told about her tiny home was another epiphany. The thought has crossed my mind while scrolling through an article on it, but hearing a story of a person living that life was so inspiring. I have already searched tiny home ideas.
Knowing what I know now it’s not what more I want to learn, it is how can I implement these practices into my life. I want to be able to create a minimal lifestyle. I want to use upcycling and downcycling in my every day life. I feel I did learn more than I was expecting to in the class. I would have enjoyed more on how we can slowly start practicing sustainability for our day to day lives. It is difficult to just go all in. I would have liked advice on how to get started and more examples of what people do.

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