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Sustainable design is something that provides our community and space with a future concept in mind. What are we designing and how long will it last? It is so important that we design for the future so that our world will survive and provide resources. At the beginning of the semester I thought of sustainable design as recycle, reuse, and green. Making sure all materials are made of recycled products. But there is so much more to it. The fact of taking items and using them for other activities. One epiphanies or learning outcomes I had during this semester was when we watched the TED talk over the edible spoons. I would have never thought about inventing a tool that allows one to eat food and then actually eaten. I found that to be so interesting and having that in mind, I have been looking around at everyday items to try and see what I could improve. I think it is so genius that someone came up with edible spoons, because they are truly saving the landfills with a simple change. This class has truly made me look at this world differently. I am constantly turning off lights, water, fans if no one is in the room. I try to walk places instead of driving my car. I feel that if everyone in the world worked on simplifying the use of electricity we would be saving the future. Small changes are sometimes the biggest changes, just have to know what to improve. I am really fascinated with cradle to cradle and empathic design. I love to get to know people and I always want to make sure they are satisfied with what they want. Empathic design is so important in interior design because it is crucial to express a space that people can work, live, surround themselves in. No one wants to have a space that they hate being in, that’s not the point of creating space. I have enjoyed this semester and learning about the broad variety of different ways to be sustainable. I am excited to continue to learn and use sustainable design within my life.

Kayla Pinard

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