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How would you now define sustainability and sustainable design, in your own words? Is this different from how you conceptualized these concepts at the beginning of the course?

I would define sustainability as a way to make the world a better and safer place to live in for all people. I started the semester not knowing a lot or hardly anything about sustainability. In fact, the only thing I knew about related to the subject was recycling and even then I did not do it consistently. If we would all work harder together to be less harmful to the environment by polluting the earth less, we would make a larger impact on reduction of waste. I believe that environmental science also plays a large part in sustainability. Sustainability is the act of being less harmful to the environment and trying not to deplete natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance. By doing these things we can help each other help the planet. There are several things that I had never heard about before this course also. Biophilia, biomimicry, waste, and design methods such as empathic design are a few examples. The way I define it at the end of the semester is way more in depth than how I defined it at the beginning at the semester.


Discuss some of the most pronounced epiphanies and/or learning outcomes you have had during this course and/or the most important things you will take away. Take the reader back in time and discuss what the journey was like.

One of the things I’ve found really interesting is plastic. I ever knew just how much harm it does to the environment. After doing my Lola project over plastic I learned so much. Before doing this project I never knew exactly how long it takes for plastic to biodegrade back into the earth. When you think about how many products are made from plastic you realize plastic is one of the major waste pollutions of the world. By using bioplastics we can use a better alternatives to bioplastics that do biodegrade into the earth faster and are able to be melted down and reused for other objects made from plastic. Even thought some of these bioplastic materials might not completely biodegrade they can be molded into whatever shape we need to make them without the harmful emissions and dangerous chemicals it takes to make regular plastic products. Therefore, saving the environment in these ways as well.


Knowing what you know now, what do you want to learn more about in the future? And/or, was there something you expected to learn in the course that you did not?

Knowing what I know now after taking this course I will definitely do more to make a good impact on the environment. When I started this course I did not know a lot. However, throughout the semester I learned a lot about the different ways we pollute the world every day. Some things I would be interested in learning more about is reusing products and materials, biophilia and biomimicry, and lastly reducing waste and pollution. I want to learn more about reusing products and materials because it will directly relate to the interior design industry. I would be interested in making a difference when choosing materials or bring about to reuse objects and materials for other usage. Biophilia and biomimicry interest me because before this class I knew nothing about these topics. They are a great way to design a space that is more natural and overall could create a more relaxing environment. Lastly I want to learn more about reducing waste and pollution for obvious reasons such as making a better world to live in. I would be interested in learned more ways to do these things because I know there are many ways to help that I know nothing about. Going into this course I thought maybe we would just talk about the basic aspects of “going green”. This has become a popular topic in almost every marketing tactic people use today. I learned so much more than what I initially assumed I would learn.

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