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When I heard I had to take this class for my degree, I thought, “great, it’s going to be a tree hugging, hippie course.” After taking this class, obviously it is not that. I have learned a lot regarding how to be sustaianable, how to design sustainably and so on. It’s sad that this is the only class regarding sustainbaility that my degree offers. I know that is probably changing but for the graduating class of 2017, 2016 and back, we have no exposure to sustainable design until our senior year. It starts with us, in regards to design sustainably and making a difference. Therefor, there needs to be more of an effort made to expose us to these courses before we enter the real world.

There are many different concepts that I have learned throughout the course of this class. From cradle to cradle, bio-mimicry and empathic design, these concepts will help me grow as a designer and a person.

I haven’t been a very sustainable person since being in college but I grew up sustainable. We always recycled, mom composted, we carpooled to school or I rode the school bus in elementary school. As an adult, the only sustainable thing I do is recycle (when I am on campus) and carpool with Mal to campus. I want to incorporate more sustainable acts as I leave college and enter the real world. I want my children to grow up on a planet that is healthy and it starts with us.

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