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My definition of sustainability has defiantly changed and expanded since the start of this class. I came in not knowing really even the textbook definition of sustainability. The only thing I somewhat even knew about sustainability is that it has something to do with recycling /“going green” and helping the environment. Now I know that sustainability is so much more, that it is more so aided actions to benefit the future generations and make sure the world, as we know it today stays and improves. Due to pollution and global warming it is known that a lot of famous landmarks and things will be gone by the time my generation has grandchildren.

I think my favorite thing I learned this semester was empathic design. I feel like I learned the most out of this concept because I think with my major and what I would like to do for my career this aspect ties along perfectly. I want to plan weddings which I feel like is all around empathic design and designing/planning all around the consumer. Since weddings are a one-time thing I would really like to look into a sustainability aspect to incorporate into weddings. This is something I would like to further look into to hopefully one day build my company upon being sustainable.

Something that I learned about that I think will be very challenging for me to apply to my life but that I would like to work harder at and help my mom also apply to hers is living a life of minimalism. All my life I have loved shopping, I love buying shoes, clothes, new bedding, and bags. With all these factors it has made me the polar opposite of a minimalist. I am that person that is too scared to let items like these go because I always think “I might need to wear/use this again at some point” so I keep it. My mom is not a minimalist in a whole different way; she keeps items or what she likes to call “keep sakes.” She thinks that EVERYTHING, literally, has so much meaning behind it to where she will not get rid of anything. She keeps everything to where our house, which I have a family of 6 so its pretty large, is full of stuff that we do not need. She is not a hoarder by any means, but I would like to teach my mom and become better myself at living a minimal lifestyle before it could get to extreme points.

I enjoyed this class a lot and am fortunate that I gained ways to be sustainable in my everyday life, my work life, and hopefully others lives.

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