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Prior to the start of this course when I heard the word sustainability I would have defined it as meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of the future generations to thrive. Resources we have today are not necessarily going to be available to generations to come. Today, these resources have to be used in a conscious manner with the best interest of those to come in mind. Sustainable design is just that, the intention to reduce the negative impacts on the environment. This concept can be applied throughout various fields of design. Going into this class I think I had a good base on what these terms meant. Now that I have completed this course my view on what these terms mean have only broadened.

Throughout my design career I see myself putting cradle-to-cradle and empathic design into use. I learned most about these theories while working with my learning community. I really enjoyed working with one another to create new solutions within design. Having different opinions and ideas always helped us come up with stronger solutions. Also, hearing what the other communities came up with helped give me better insight on the topic. After my intake on the information given this semester I am going to do my best to apply all that I can into my every day life.

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