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Sustainability to me is defined as using your resources efficiently and effectively without wasting over time. Sustainable design is similar in the fact that you shouldn’t waste and only use what you need. With design, you also have to look for sustainable and renewable resources as well.  Looking back to my original thoughts of sustainability, I didn’t think it was very important or that it was a common practice. I though being sustainable was simply just recycling plastic or other trash in your homes. After this class I learned that it involves everything you do. Sustainability can refer to what you eat, where you live, what you drive, how often you travel, what you buy, and how you dispose all of the above. This class has really opened my eyes to what sustainability looks like in the real world. Although I do not think all of my habits will change completely, I hope to change some of them. During the semester and through this class I also learned the different types of sustainability like bio mimicry, biophilia, and more. I honestly didn’t think sustainability had that much depth. After that class I realized sustainability isn’t just a theory or a practice  but it’s a lifestyle. Sustainability is intended to improve life and living conditions for people and the earth. By taking this course I hope to apply what I’ve leaned to my jobs in any way possible and to incorporate it into my life as well.

Looking back on one of my most profound discoveries in this class I would have to say it was when I discovered just how destructive our industry was when it comes to sustainability. I had always known and heard the apparel industry was bad for the environment and that it is not sustainable. I did not realize however just how bad it was. After reading several articles and discussing it in class I realized it is one of the most harmful industries. Fast fashion and cheap labor is very detrimental to the industry. Unfortunately these cause the most damage to our environment and our society. The reasoning behind our industry being so bad (in my opinion) would be our culture of materialism. People spend all their time working for money in order to blow it all on possessions instead of experiences. After discovering just how bad the apparel industry is I realized I would like to help this issue in any way I can. Hopefully when  I get a job in the next few months I can suggest sustainability ideas to my workplace. I also hope to own my own business one day. If I achieve this dream I will implement sustainable practices into my business and how I source my products.  This class has definitely  made an impact on me and my future plans.

Considering my expectations were so low of this class(i.e. Thinking this class was going to be about recycling) I learned more than I expected and didnt think I missed out on anything. If I had to choose something to learn more about it would be biomimcry and biophilia. These were two subjects I really enjoyed and found so fascinating. There are so many examples of this but just to name a few I loved hearing about the bamboo houses, the design slam about the myco board and the bamboo bathroom door, etc. Biomimcry is such an interesting and new subject to me. I heard about it several times before but just briefly during presentations and other short previews of it. This class definitely talked about it more but I wish it was still more in depth. If I ever design something for the apparel industry I hope to incorporate Biomimcry and biophilia. I once heard of clothing that changes colors and they used Biomimcry to make it. It was so fascinating and awesome to me. It grabbed my attention and made me love this subject. Last summer students went with Dr. Armstrong to Taos New Mexico for  a study abroad trip to study this. I wanted to go but it was interfering  with my internship so unfortunately  I couldn’t go. That trip would have been an incredible experience and I wish I could have gone. Overall I enjoyed my time in this class and felt I heave learned so much. If I had to choose one thing to takeaway I would say that sustainability applies to all aspects of life and benefits society and people as a whole. If nothing else, I hope this class improves my living situations and helps me become a contribution to society. The class is ending but i am sure the journey will not.

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