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When describing the difference between sustainability and sustainable design, I think about it as a lifestyle vs a design that helps support being sustainability. To me sustainability is more of a way of being and is more of an umbrella term. Under sustainability I feel that it can be a way of defining a practice, it can be a lifestyle, or that sustainable design can fall under the term of sustainability. Understanding what sustainability means and what it incubuses you help make sustainable design more efficient. Before having this class, as an interior design student we had to incorporate sustainability into our designs but now going through this class and having a better understanding of what sustainability is I feel that I can incorporate more sustainable designs. For some, living a sustainable lifestyle means a life style change and are going to need the environments that they are around be supportive of that. To help insure this, we as interior designers can make sure that ether houses, offices and commercial spaces can be designed to incorporate practices that will make sustainability more practical.

One of the biggest epiphanies that I have learned through out this is not only how to better design for my major and make my designs more sustainable but that I also learned how unstainable of a lifestyle that I am living. I have always tried to incorporate recycling into my life but have never really been that regular at that. My family and I have never really been the one to garden and I have never been conscious of the amount of water that I am using, but after this class I think about sustainable practices all the time. I will say that I haven’t made any major, cold turkey style changes when it comes to living a more sustainable lifestyle but I will say that I try to make small changes here and there. I also will say that when I see sustainability around places or I see situations where there could be a sustainable addition to make it better, that I am much more aware of it now. I feel that through this class it has made my eye be more open to sustainability and how important and positive it can be.

Moving forward I would like to see more of sustainable practices actually installed in places. As a design students we can see what it looks like on paper and we can see what it might be like in a 3D rendering, but it hard to understand if what we are design is actually going to be beneficial for the end user or is going to be helpful until we can see it in practice. I would just like to get more life experience about sustainability in design, and really understand what is going to help and where we can improve.


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