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Sustainability is not just a trend that will pass, it is a way of life that will come to pervade every aspect of human life in the years to come. It is the method by which humans will be able to lessen the impact that they have on the environment. While I doubt that we will ever become perfectly green, I do believe that we can once again become more in touch with a planet that we have been taking for granted. While this was something I believed in before taking this course, I did learn new things that got me looking forward to new technologies and helped me understand strategies of the most innovative companies.

During this course I have discovered the concepts of Biomimicry, Biophilic Design and Empathic Design.  The most efficient solutions to problems can be created by using Biomimicry.  The idea that nature already has the best solutions to everyday problems is simple and brilliant.  Over thousands of years the most inefficient designs have died out through natural selection, so that all solutions nature has to offer are the wisest ones.  I also learned that Biophilic Design can create some of the most beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces that reduce stress and increase productivity and creativity.  Brining inside the colors and sounds of nature will make any space more inviting.  I think Empathic Design is used in the market these days more than any other type of design.  The market is oversaturated with a variety of products, so that trying to push products to customers is not as profitable anymore.  Most companies focus on designing products from empathical stand point.  All successful marketing and advertising companies use Empathic Design to capture their potential customers.  I believe today only the companies that take the greatest advantage of Empathic Design will be the most successful.

I enjoyed learning about new sustainable technologies and practices that will create a greener future and would like to see how these concepts and technologies will develop over the coming decades.  I am hoping that digital technologies will finally take over and reduce the insane amount of paper waste.  I really do hope that electronic publishing and documents will save some of the green lungs this planet has left.  I also hope that during my lifetime ETI (as mentioned in Clinton’s leaked emails) will give humanity another chance and share their technology of Point Zero Energy.  Although I doubt that their pre-requirements of absolute non-violence on this planet will ever be met.  Overall, I am most interested in learning about ETI technologies in the future.

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