Nature–the true mastermind

Wow, what a semester. I view sustainability as a lifestyle or practice of making something last forever by using the least amount of resources and energy. The practice of sustainability is supposed to better the environment and be a more efficient way of doing things. At the beginning of the course I envisioned a similar concept to what I have listed above, but I did not know some of the key processes and factors that can play a huge roles when being sustainable.

Something that really stands out in my mind is biomimicry. Throughout the semester we were given several examples of this practice and one that always stands out in my head is the one about how the head of a mosquito sucks the blood of a human- this potentially drove the invention for needles. I think we can learn so much through nature. Nature is the true mastermind. We can gain knowledge by sitting and thinking deeply about some of these processes found in nature.

Honestly, now knowing so much more about sustainability processes I would like to explore more about recycling. There are so many different ways our economy can benefit from recycled materials. When we went to visit the OSU sustainability office and saw the recycling center I saw so many opportunities for growth in sustainability practices. We can use the boxes and materials to create something new. This course has truly taught me a lot about the industry and different companies that practice sustainability. One of the LOLA shows was about Patagonia and I have taken a significant interest in following the company and some of the practices they produce.

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