The End is Just the Beginning


Now after being in this class for a semester I think I definitely have a better understanding of Sustainability and it’s meaning. I would define sustainability as not only keeping the environment in mind when designing, but the future user as well. I feel like it’s more of an ongoing idea to better the future on many different levels. This is different from the beginning of class because then I didn’t really know what to think about sustainability. I thought it meant being sustainable of course, but what does being sustainable mean? I just thought it meant going green. It usually does, but there is also much more to it than just “going green”. I also didn’t know there were so many principles and theories about sustainable design. Knowing these theories and ways will help me understand designing in the future for the future. I appreciate this class teaching me to better the environment even more with my sustainable designs.

All of the views about saving clothes and reusing the fabric stood out to me. I didn’t know how much of an impact I was having when we re-used old towels, donated our unwanted clothing to the Salvation Army, hosted garage sales, or even passing it onto a friend. I can remember doing all of these since I was a kid. My parents did and it was just something I picked up on that I think is a norm now. Seeing how much that impacted me is such a wonderful feeling. I can only hope that my kids will pick up on my sustainable tasks as well.

Not to mention talking about minimalism, being simple and minimalistic in your lifestyle. Between moving so many times in college between dorms, apartments, internships, I realized how much stuff I had that I just had for no reason. Maybe just because I wanted it, maybe it was a gift I felt like I needed to hang on too. With all the guest speakers such as Dr. Armstrong, Alana Pulay, and the TED talks we’ve had, I have realized I really need to (and want to) downsize. Not with just my clothes, but with all my “stuff” too. Knowing I’m going to have to move again in the future because of graduation, I want to bring with me only the things that truly make me happy and that will serve a great purpose/function.


Knowing what I know now, I think maybe I would like to learn more about designing aspects of sustainability, product wise. I know going through the Union there are recycled and reused counter tops, but I bet there are more things to learn solely for interior designers. What paints, wallpapers, and other finishes and furnishings.

Since I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting to learn at the beginning of the course, there wasn’t really anything that I feel like I didn’t learn. We learned so many aspects of sustainability. Also, not only from an Interior Design standpoint, but from a Merchandising and Apparel Design standpoint too. I feel like I possibly learned more from multiple standpoints than I would have from just Interior Design. I believe it’s easier to change your lifestyle and others when learning about the different views and levels of this idea.

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