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Sustainability to me is a whole new level of understanding. I have learned so much in the past 16 weeks about sustainability that I never knew before. I think that I have really changed my life around ever since that I have taken this class. Sustainability is more than just being eco friendly, it’s about changing your lifestyle and doing whats best for you and the world that we live in. Recycling is awesome but so is being able to say that you are completely sustainable in everything that you do. To me it is more than being able to say that you can recycle a couple of bottles here and there. To be sustainable you have to pretty much change the way you live all together and really try to do your best.

Before, I had no idea what biomimicry or biophilia was. But during this course I learned so much and am so surprised at what each mean. I had no idea that these concepts existed never the less even applied to everyday life. Biomimicry has played a huge part in the studies that I have done in this class. Not only have I studied a lot about this but it has really got to me and made me realize that I can make a change in a very special place that my parents own. I would enjoy being able to make a sustainable difference somewhere someday.

I loved watching the TED talks during this course. It helped me better understand the topics and what was going on in this world that I had no idea about.I have learned so much through this course that I would love to take another one just like it honestly. With my major and being able to produce such things would be a dream of mine. I cannot wait until I graduate and become a business person. I would like to be able to tell other people about being sustainable and them actually following through with their promises about changing the world and making it a better place.

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