Last words

I have really learned a lot from this journey. I have better examined my own everyday actions, in both my job and school and also in my personal habits and choices. I have learned that for myself what matters the most is design that lasts and fits the needs of the consumer

For me, Sustainability is the ability for a product to sustain. Sustain use, sustain life, to sustain and have no reason to be thrown away. It creates good things from its use, and doesn’t create harm or waste or complaints. It is the correct design with the correct materials made from the correct fibers, where no charm is caused at any point in its life. At the first of the course, my idea of sustainability was reuse, reduce, and recycle. It’s so much more than that though, it goes into every part of the manufacturing process, and every part of how we live our lives.


I think my biggest epiphany was learning how historic reference is so important and how much we can take from the past and from nature to influence and better our current actions and way we do things. We often think of olf time options as outdated and problematic (Well we’ve used gas in cars since I was a kid, and nothing was wrong then) but we often forget that pre industrial revolution, things were very different and people lived very differently than we do now. They needed items to last a long time and disposable just wasn’t an option.

I would like to delve into the specific issue in sourcing fabric and how it’s hard in manufacturing to do. How much has to be disclosed? Why? What terms are used to better understand whether its truly fair trade or not? Who moderates such a claim? Things that directly apply to Apparel design, which is why it would be hard to pull them into the course, but would be great for me to study on my own. Overall, my favorite part of the course was the passionate instruction.

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