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Sustainability can mean a lot of things, for me it means innovation and saving energy. Also, when I think about sustainability I think about recycling or how to reuse certain items or clothing. The past two lectures this week have been a good introduction into what sustainability is and has touched light on what it can be. If we are being honest I don’t recycle like I should, I don’t think about conserving energy like I should and I wasn’t raised in a family that recycled. I’m hoping after taking this course I will pick up a few good habits.
The 11th hour movie was an eye opener to many things, for instance global warming. They said current barriers to sustainability is manmade global warming, this means us as a world are causing problems that are unnecessary. One way to help this problem is eliminating fossil fuels or at least cutting the use of it. If we cut fossil fuels down this would help the world from warming. The sad part about the 11th hours is we are causing extinction, with the about of deforestation that happens, nature is a precious thing and we are destroying it. Many people don’t have a clue about what is happening or what is going to happen if we keep this up.
This week we read an article called fashion and sustainability. I thought it was an interesting article, it intertwined fashion and innovation. The author touched base on how wasteful we are as a country with the number of clothes we throw away or don’t reuse. This brings us to the wild things exercise in class which I thought was neat. We collaborated as a group with our learning communities on the problems with fashion and sustainability and how we can fix them. We then traded papers with other communities and It was neat to see other people’s solutions to problems and what they thought was issues in fashion and sustainability. With my learning community, I learned we can come together with more than one idea and share them with each other.
I found the carbon foot print to be cool it showed you how to be better at sustainability, it told me ways to save energy, which for me it would be with our lights in our house. My carbon footprint is 8.9 and my ideal number is 2. When it’s all said, and done I hope the next few months gives me more insight on easy ways to be better at sustainability and learn different ways to incorporate innovation into sustainability.

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