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As a little girl in grade school it was installed into my mind to recycle plastic whenever you can, I never really thought about the other ways I can help to practice sustainability besides that. Throughout the past two weeks of class, through lectures I have learned that sustainability is everywhere form the things I purchase to the foods I eat, it all relates back to sustainability. During our discussions in class we talked about how the needs of our present need to not harm our future. The Native American perspective on sustainability was very interesting to me, they talked about how everything is connected. It’s a level of connection and having harmony with the environment that can bring us to sustainability. I agree with the perspective, sustainability is much more then just “going green” you have to put your heart and soul into it if you want to be successful. In terms of my major merchandising I learned that there’s a lot of things that can be done to promote sustainability in that industry. Sustainability to me is the use natural resources that do not harm the environment in which we live in today, or the future. The continuation of something over time and making it useful beyond it’s lifecycle.

The 11th Hour movie was very interesting to watch. I agreed with some of their view point on how we need to retrain our thinking in order to create a better future for America. We have to treat nature much more gentle. Global warming effects everything we do on a daily basic and it can be very destructive. The most eye-opening part of the film was when they started to talk about how politics is at the root of the ordeal. Politician response to higher power only, they are not concerned with global warming issues but instead big cooperation’s. I agree with the statement that the political system has failed us in one way or another, because they have the biggest say and power in how this world is surviving ecologically. Although not only up to politician but up to us as a nation to change things for the better.

The Fashion and Sustainability article touched base on how we need to move towards a less materialistic society if we want to become more sustainable in the fashion industry. Sustainability requires a big change in the way we use resources while increasing the longevity of products useful life. The article mentioned that a way to help this problem is to start by producing products locally. The evolution towards sustainability will require many small steps that will help to bring us closer to a sustainable nation.

The wildest things activity really helped me to understand all the problems we face in this world in regards to sustainability problems today. While reading everyone’s dreams I realized that although there were several problems we encountered I saw a pattern in each problem, that people think sustainability is complex. Causing many of the problems to arise because people are simply unknowledgeable of sustainability. It was very interesting to me to see that although we were all giving the same activity yet we all came up different problems and solutions to the problems in ways that I would have never thought of.

While interacting with the other students in my learning community I learned that there are many different problems we face in the world of sustainability. We each brought different perspective about ways to solve the problems that were all beneficial solutions. The discussing led to interesting solutions to the problems we thought of, although we are all different people we agreed on the same solutions to solving the problems we faced.

My carbon footprint habits were 14.4 tonnes while the ideal habit is 2 tonnes. I was surprised at how high of a number I got compared to the ideal number. I am on my laptop all the time, partially because of homework and assignments. But I do need to cut back on my usage. I change my room temperature a lot and I tend to keep the light on when I take naps or leave the room, all of these bad habits is what caused my number to be so high.

Just over the short two weeks I have already gained insight on how important it is to practice sustainability. I will help to contribute to sustainable practices in anyway possible by making sure to recycle, donate as much stuff as possible, and not buying things that I don’t need. Over the next few months I intend to learn a lot about how me practicing sustainability can help the the environment not only for today but for the future as well.

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