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Sustainability to me has never been something that I knew much about or really saw much relevance toward. After the few classes we have had this semester, my outlook has totally flipped. Sustainability is known as the practice utilization of resources that do little to no harm to the environment around us. This can also be described as simply “going green”. Before obtaining the minimal knowledge I have from the pasts three class periods, it became clear to me that applying sustainability to my everyday life was not happening. This was made more evident to me after I took the survey for finding out my carbon footprint. My numbers were supposed to fall at 2.0 tonnes, but they actually landed at 5.6 tonnes. This survey revealed to me that my use of electricity was very high.

Not only did taking the carbon footprint survey open my eyes, but after watching the movie The 11th Hour, I really was able to gain understanding as to what global warming was, its seriousness, and what I can do to prevent adding to the problem. The movie began by introducing the audience to the idea that humanity is one with nature. The scientists in the movie state that many humans feel a disconnect with nature thus causing us to live in disharmony with our planet. Continuing, the movie introduces the meaning of climate change, “global warming”, and its consequences. Some of the clips played in the movie were really intense and gave good insight as to how serious of a problem climate change has become.

Through participating in learning communities, I was able to feel I wasn’t alone when  it came to  how oblivious I was in regards to sustainability. While doing the wild thing exercise my learning community was able to be creative in coming up with sustainable solutions to real life struggles. Although some ideas we came up with were a little out of the blue, it  was nice being able to think outside the box and come up with alternatives for actual problems and get our minds thinking more and more about sustainability.

My favorite part of working with our learning community was discussing the fashion and sustainability article. One of the main points of this article was the idea of aesthetic obsolescence. During the discussion with  my learning community, we compared aesthetic obsolescence to flipping a house. You take styles that used to be popular, renovate or revive them slightly,  and this helps accommodate to the appeals of the market currently. The other quotes Oscar wilde perfectly on the matter when he introduces his quote stating: “Fashion is merely a form of ugliness so unbearable that we feel compelled to change it every six months”.

For my personal journey in  sustainability, I really feel over the course of the next few months I will be way more cautious of my lifestyle than  before. Like mentioned above, the few classes we have had are really bringing the issue on climate change to my attention and inspiring me to live life in a more sustainable manner.

-Abby Camargo


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