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Sustainability is to find more purposes for an object/ product to make it last longer. Its how to use an object/ product to its the fullest extent. Sustainability from a designers stand point is to see things differently. These are my ideas of what sustainability means to me.

In the last two lectures I have seen that my definition wasn’t too far off from the definition of sustainability. I have learned that there is more to add to that definition depending on if your talking about living sustainable or creating/ designing a sustainable future.

While watching the 11th hour movie I felt really down, like all these bad things are happening and nobody can change it because its inevitable. There is acid rain, ocean pollution, air crisis, global warming, ecological crisis and many other issues this movie covers. I learned new things like we live in a world that can not support everyone without technology that we have discovered. I learned that fossil fuels (or also known as ancient sunlight) that we use cost billons of dollars, and for the recourses that are used we can’t afford them. After stating all the negative things that are going on today towards the end of the movie they gave solutions to help with the inevitable future that was described. Solutions involve using solar energy, saving food, transportation methods, clean air, and new designs. The future requires new designs so designers have to reimagine everything.

Some takeaways I learned while reading Fashion and Sustainability are that there are pros and cons to fashion relating to sustainability. On the bright side fashion is extremely creative and is very influential. There are many businesses so it is a very competitive field. Clothing can create a feeling of pleasure, freshness and uniqueness.  The cons are that since it is a competitive field fashion trends change every six months creating a huge waste of fabrics. It also supports the theory that people only care about material things. The fashion industry promotes greed and growth. To create fashion using sustainable practices we need to create designs that can be reused and do not harm the environment to make.

The wild things worksheet was new, I thought it was interesting to work on a section then switch to see what another group has to say and work from their assumptions and theories. The learning communities are nice I like working in learning communities. I like to be able to share my ideas and not just have to stop there, but be able to add to my ideas to make them better. I learned that everyone in my LC is an apparel major.

My carbon footprint rate is 4.8 tonnes. My avatar looks proportionate to the smaller standard one except mine has a big belly. The things I need to work on are not leaving the TV and lights on when I am not using them, and to recycle plastics, cardboard and glass. Some of the questions it asked I am not sure if I answered them right because I live in a dorm and I’m not sure how old the toilet, washer and dryer are. I think It will be easy to be more sustainable in the future just by taking items to places on campus to be recycled and just turning off and unplugging things that are not in use. My journey will hopefully last a lot longer than just this class and maybe in the far far far future I will have a family of my own to teach these lessons to.

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