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I have really enjoyed the lectures over the last two weeks. The first week this class was all very new to me. The lectures put me at easy and showed me that this class would be very interesting and beneficial to my lifestyle. The first lecture taught me what sustainability really was and I was able to determine my own definition of it. It also showed me why I should care about sustainability and take action. The first week of lectures really motivated me as a student and environmentalist. The second week of lectures talked about sustainability in different perspectives, the triple bottom line, and sustainability id. This week of lectures gave me more insight to exactly what sustainability is and how people use it differently.

 Sustainability In My Own Words

Sustainability to me is the focus on improving our earth and making our resources last while educating the future on how to continue to improve without causing harm.

The 11th Hour

            I had never seen the movie the 11th hour, but after watching it in class realized how much the movie had left an impact on me. It truly showed me in many aspects how our world is in danger if we do not change our habits. It was also interesting to see scientist look at things such as global warming, pollution, natural resources etc.

Fashion and Sustainability Article

            I thought this article was very powerful, relevant, and interesting. I love following the newest fashion trends, but what was interesting to me was how the article talked about how fashion is always changing therefore causing a need for sustainability. I also thought it was interesting that it talked about how we can create sustainability in fashion and how to make it last.

Wild Things Exercise

             I thought this exercise was very interesting because it took a lot of different big ideas that we as a group had to turn into one. We had to work together to think of areas of sustainability that need more work done and what we could do to help. It was also fun to come up with big crazy ideas to help save the environment.


I learned that my group is all-passionate about something different, but we work really well together when it comes to coming up with a common idea. We pull ideas from one another and use that technique to come up with a large idea that we all agree with.

Carbon Footprint

             When I saw my Carbon Footprint I was honestly shocked. I had no idea how my life is effecting our environment everyday. My recommendations for where my carbon footprint was the largest were in the areas of lighting and waste. If I replace one of my incandescent light bulbs I can save money on my electricity bill and help the environment. It also suggested that I eat less beef and diary because eating these can cause a large carbon footprint. Finally, it said I need to recycle more plastics, cardboard, and alumni cans.

   My Sustainable Journey

I believe over the next few months I will truly change as a person and student. The more I learn about the subject of sustainability, the more I become motivated to do my part to help improve our future and our world future. I believe these changes I make will become habits and I wont just be something temporary. I will also encourage others to do the same. I am excited to learn about many different aspects of sustainability.






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