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The past two weeks of lectures introduced myself to sustainability. I knew about the topic of sustainability but I did not realize the gravity of the situation. The lectures spoke about problems within our communities and the fact that we can all solve them bit-by-bit if we all just do our part. Sustainability affects everyone, so it is an issue that we all need to take part in whether that be to physically change your ways with sustainability in mind, or to make small changes and simply educate people on how they can also help with sustainability. I have always heard the word sustainability but the definition in the lectures really stuck with me, it was to meet the needs of the present and future generations by not using all resources. I had never had sustainability put to me in that context. In school, I only learned about the typical renew, reuse, and recycle. I again had no idea about the gravity of the situation. In lecture we learned that if there is a sustainability problem, there is a way to solve this problem. There is room for creative thinking within sustainability.

Sustainability in my own words

Sustainability to myself knowing what I know now means that to use our resources without taking too much. We need resources now, but our future generations will also use the same resources. Learning about the Native American view it gives me a better sense of sustainability with replenishing our resources as we go instead of just taking and not putting anything back into the environment.

11th Hour Movie Reflection

In the 11th hour movie nature was spoken about a lot. It made me realize that nature has been made out to be an abundant resource when in all actuality it is not. It allows people to believe that, and that allows the future generations to carry this idea of the environment on. I also did not realize that we are living on and depend so much on coal. Oil runs everything in today’s world. The 11th hour mentions that people used to live on current sunlight but because of the discovery of fossil fuels we no longer live that method. Many companies and people are not thinking about the future generations or what resources will be available to them, or the harm that is coming from our consumption of fossil fuels. We have become incredibly selfish as people. I did not realize that our consumption and use of fossil fuels actually harms not only the environment, but also people. We learned that asthma rates are growing in children. This is was not an issue previously in our history. There is also a wide range of environmental problems occurring more and more such as acid rain, flooding, the fluctuation of temperature, and many more. Greenhouse gasses were always a vague concept to myself, but the movie allowed me to see how burning fossil fuels and the release of carbon dioxide is affecting our atmosphere. We are elevating and speeding up the processes of extinction and global warming. The idea that impacted me most from this movie was time. As people, we are wasting so much time dreaming of sustainability instead of creating sustainability. There are things to be done and individuals can change and help as well as companies. Sustainability is an issue for the world therefore it is a group issue. The environment is not going to change overnight, it is not going to be cheap, but it needs to be done so that our future as a civilization can be set in stone. There are many sustainable designs such as carbon neutral cities, clean hybrid trains, waste free industrial systems, and many more that we can and should implement.

Fashion and Sustainability

Fashion and sustainability showed the damaging repercussions of the fashion industry whether that be the manufacturing, the transportation of goods, the cleaning of the clothing items themselves, and lastly the disposal of the garments. Fashion impacts our landfills and contributes to the harmful treatment of the environment as well as people in some cases. Transportation is harmful in the aspect of carbon emissions from trains or having objects shipped, manufacturing is harmful because of the chemicals that are used to make most man made textiles as well as the water consumption used to make cotton for example, cleaning is harmful because when clothing is washed it not only puts the harmful chemicals back out but it also uses a large amount of water and energy, and lastly the disposal of garments are harmful because they are not made to last and are not made to biodegrade.

Wild Thing Exercise

My experience with the wild thing exercise was a positive one. My group worked together wonderfully. It encouraged brainstorming and throwing many ideas out, and I appreciate that because it allows for everyone to think of many possibilities. I appreciated this exercise because we had to think of a unique product or concept within the sustainability.

Learning Communities

My learning community came up with many ideas. It was great because we all had different concepts especially for the wild things exercise. Having different perspectives really made me more aware of the options and solutions for sustainability.

Carbon Footprint

My carbon footprint tone was 5.4 tonnes, and the ideal is 2 tonnes. My home energy was suggested to change my boiler as well as purchasing a more recent home. My waste was suggested that I recyle more plastics.

My sustainable Journey

My sustainability journey definitely needs some work. I do not recycle as much as I should and I do not use many efficient items in my household. In the future, I would like to begin gradually. I want to start by changing to more efficient light bulbs, and I would like to get a recycling bin and actually practice recycling at home.

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