Blog 1

Blog 1


The past couple of lectures we have been discussing sustainability and getting a better idea of what it is and what we do to help or discourage it.

Sustainability in my own words

Sustainability that is often said or heard nowadays since that is a big part of what companies and people are trying to become, a more sustainable environment. Sustainability to me means ways to improve or preserve nature for our future. To be able to conserve less and reuse or repurpose more instead always making the new.

Reflection on 11th hour

The 11thth Hour movie was interesting and informative on the issues going on around the world. I learned that none of the ecosystems are improving or thriving. Our economy is growing but nature is staying the same or decreasing. We are taking too many things out of the ocean and putting too much back into the ocean. Low income places have become the dumping zones for waste facilities with our food becoming poisonous. To help improve our standing we need to change our ways of doing things by giving out knowledge through the media since we are so disconnected from earth.

Fashion and Sustainability

The article on Fashion and Sustainability showed the idea of aesthetic obsolescence which encourages updating older items like flipping houses or taken two old sweaters and combining them and making a new sweater for the consumers.

Learning Community and Wild Things

In meeting with my learning community I thought we worked really well together and were able to feed off of each other. I have only met with them once but they seem to have a good understanding of what is going on in the world and fashion. We did not complete the Wild Things activity but it was interesting when the paper would get passed around what the other groups dreams or problems were and they all seemed to relate on some kind of level.

My Changing Habbit

My changing habbit is at 7.2 tonnes and says I need to eat less fish, recycle more paper/cardboard, and throw away less food.

Sustainable Journey

To begin in my sustainable journey, I will start to recycle more and throw away less wasted food or not let it expire. I tend to forget. I would like to start driving less and riding my bike more often maybe to and from classes. I would also like to get my parents to start recycling and thinking more about the environment.

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