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Sustainability, being a fairly new topic for me, I have already learned so many new things. In class we learned that sustainably is the interrelationship between the society, economic and environmental systems and plays a role in every aspect of our life. Watching the Native American video about their view point on sustainability was a cool new angle to look at the concept. It is important we are staying connected with nature because once we loose that connect then nature is no longer a living thing, it is merely a piece of land. We also went over the many ways a merchandiser can become more sustainable through their work.

Sustainability to me means creating and living with the environment and future generations in mind. When I think of being sustainable I think of things that will last a long time, will not create a lot of waste, little pollution, use little energy, and can be recycled. Looking at the criteria I listed for something to be sustainable not a lot of products come to mind. I do not think sustainability should be as rare as it is in our society today.

The 11th hour movie was extremely eye opening for me in many ways. What hit me the hardest was how bad our environment is being effect. I have heard about global warming and everyone has been taught about the damage of pollution but they both just seemed like distant problems. It was said that we can not wait to make a change because in 40 years it could be too late. That stuck with me because everyone is told we are damaging the earth but no one is told that it is this imminent of an issue. The part of the movie that I really loved is when they started talking about the solutions to saving the earth. The ideas to design and create our buildings and cities like nature really peaked my interest. We have so many opportunities to keep all of our same desires that are bad for the earth but just rethink them and make them less damaging. One idea I really liked that they briefly talked about was a dance club that creates energy between the floor boards from people dancing and they use that energy to power the club. It is just little ideas like that that could save our earth.

I thought the Fashion and Sustainability article was an interesting read. Being a fashion merchandising major, I love how the article talked about fashion in more of a positive light. Fashion is a rapidly changing industry and new “fads” are created monthly it seems. The cons that were listed I feel like are the obvious ones: pollution, waste and extreme use of materials. What I really liked about the article were the pros. Fashion is always changing which gives us the opportunity to start creating sustainable clothes and make that the next “new trend.” The fashion industry also has a extremely big impact on society and culture so instead of ridiculing the industry people should be joining them and coming up with ways to make fashion sustainable.

From doing the Wild Thing exercise I feel like many people all have the same wishes for our environment and there are actually many little issues concerning sustainability that could be addressed. It was fun to think through the little issues and see how they actually impact the earth greatly and then come up with ways to fix them. Working with my learning community on the Wild Things exercise I saw how other people thought our earth was being impacted the most. Working with my learning community for the first time was cool because I got to see where everyone stood when it comes to sustainability and I am excited to continue to ick their brains.

When I took my Carbon Footprint test I got 16.7 tonnes as My Habbit, while it says I am supposed to be at only 2 tonnes. I live in the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority house so it was difficult to answer some of the questions and I feel like that it effected my Carbon Footprint score, as well. After learning the impact that I have on the environment, over the next few months I am really excited to continue to learn more about sustainability and how to apply it to my life. My eyes have already been opened to new ideas and issues that I had no idea were present before this class. I am interested to see where sustainably can be taken in the fashion industry and ways I personally can take it there.

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