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Sustainability, to me, is wanting to make the most out of products and being more environmentally friendly. When I say making the most out of products, I mean reusing and renewing items. Reusing and renewing can be recycling or repurposing old items into something new and wonderful. An example I always think of is a designer taking old outdated clothing and turning garments into something new and trendy for modern wearers.

The example I described ties into the article we read “Fashion and Sustainability”. The article is about how the apparel industry needs to be more sustainable. Production of clothing is very harmful to the environment, including water supplies. Most people just throw away their old and outdated clothing, instead of recycling or giving it away. The apparel industry is terrible about not being sustainable and eco-friendly.

The 11th Hour movie was made really well and was very informative. I learned a lot from viewing it. I didn’t realize that giant corporations played such a massive role and stopping sustainable solutions. It makes sense after watching the film, but before it I never really thought about those companies that way.

I enjoyed the Wild Thing exercise. I felt my learning community did excellent on all of the parts of the assignment. Some of the answers from the previous teams was challenging to elaborate on. I was proud of our team’s results to the problems given. I enjoyed working with my team to come up with new and innovative solutions.

My carbon footprint was not good. It said I need to recycle more steel cans. It also said that I needed to tumble dry less. I usually try and hang up certain clothing to air dry, but most of the time I use my dryer. I need to change my laundry habits. The third thing it said was to install loft insulation. I currently live in an older home, and I’ve already taken steps to insulate it more. I feel there is only so much you can do to an older home to make it more sustainable without it costing too much.

I feel I will grow to understand more about sustainability. I feel I will also learn more ways that I can personally help contribute to being more sustainable.


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