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The lectures for Week 2 of classes mainly dealt with introducing us a little bit more to the concepts of sustainability. One of the newest things I have learned about sustainability deals with the “Triple Bottom Line,” which deals with profit (economic), people, and environment. The triple bottom line is a newer concept and deals with much more than the bottom line, economic profit, does. All of these practices help companies become more sustainable. Sustainability to me is the relationship that one has with the environment, and bettering behaviors in order to extend the longevity of our great planet.

The 11th Hour movie was heartbreaking to watch. I was not expecting some of the imagery, but that surprising imagery really left an impact on me and got me thinking of my own environmental choices. The movie also brought to my attention that many could do their parts in helping with keeping the Earth great, and lessening the environmental impact which humans have on the earth, but though many individuals do their parts in helping the Earth, it will take us all, including companies, to better our current situation. I will forever be upset that the government does not do their part in the department of sustainability and introducing laws to ensure that the quality of life not only stays the same, but improves over time for future generations.

The Fashion and Sustainability article that we read dealt with the topic of designing with sustainability in mind. My main takeaway from this article was that designers have to design with humility, because as we all know fashion products come in and out of style rather quickly sometimes and designers also know this. Designing with humility means knowing the product will not be appropriate for the future, and using this knowledge to create a product with less waste in how it is produced and also perhaps the final product.

The Wild Thing exercise was very interesting. I had never taken an idea from start to finish in such a matter, and it was also interesting seeing the brainstorming and ideas of other Learning Communities. I liked this exercise because it made us take a ridiculous idea and put it in a context that could actually work in a real life situation.

It is always a little nerve-racking getting assigned to new groups in new semesters, but I am very happy and pleased with mine. Our learning community is comprised of all Merchandising students so many of us have the same views and knowledge on the same topics. I was also very pleased to hear that my LC shares many of my beliefs when it comes to sustainability practices and wishes.

My carbon footprint value was 6.8 tonnes (pictured below), which I was very pleased to see because I thought my value would be much higher. The practices that lead to this value include the fact that I do not eat much meat protein sources (I generally prefer chicken), I do not use my vehicle very often, my boyfriend and I usually take just one vehicle everywhere, and I do laundry multiple times a week.

I would very much to begin recycling at home. I currently live in an apartment complex so it is a little bit difficult recycling because I do not have a city given recycling bin. I plan on looking into it and beginning this process. I also plan on trying to be a little bit more conscience with the amount of energy and water that I use, because at times I feel like it may be a little excessive.  Along with this I would also like to begin introducing my parents to recycling and the concept of sustainability.



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