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My Definition of Sustainability:

Sustainability to me means creating things that are made out materials that are made to last from generation to generation while at the same time will better the environment or give back to the environment. By creating a more sustainable environment there will be a cleaner way of living.

The 11th hour Reflection:

The 11th hour movie was very inspiring and made me realize just how much damage and destruction humans have inflicted on the earth. Before watching the film, I didn’t realize how big of an issue global warming really was. This film touched on so many different contributing factors on how we have damaged our planet such as, the industrial revolution, deforestation, overpopulation of the earth, and how they all have their role they play in globalization. My favorite part of the film was seeing that there is still hope in reviving our planet by building more sustainable structure and using more renewable energy sources to reduce waste. This inspires me to want to get out there and create and inform people about living a more sustainable lifestyle.

‘Fashion and Sustainability’ Reflection:

This article was a good representation of the different ways to define fashion. When most people hear the word fashion, they more than likely will automatically think of clothing. But the word fashion is not limited to just clothing. However, there are also fashions in music, customs and other material goods such as furniture, or cars. Some of the cons to fashion are fairly well known such as large amounts of waste and pollution that are produced to keep up with the manufacturing of the latest trending thing. The pros to fashion always changing means that designer have the opportunity to create more sustainable products that will lessen the waste and pollution being released. From an interior design standpoint, if you have a building that needs to be updated, instead of having an out with the old and in with the new concept, we can try to renew and reuse what is already in the existing structure.

Learning Community / Wild Thing Exercise:

Learning community #4 aka the Interior Design team is small but we make a good team. I am interested to see what conversations we will have in the future. As for the Wild Things exercise, I thought it was a fun way to get each group thinking outside the box on sustainability issues in today’s society. It was interesting to work with the other groups by breaking down each problem and eventually solving them in a creative way that will better the environment.

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