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Week 2

In week 2 of Sustainable Design, we started talking about how important sustainability is for the environment and we watched The 11th Hour. We also discussed fashion and sustainability in our learning communities. So far, this class seems interesting and I’m excited to learn more about sustainable design.


To me, sustainability is designing in a way that does not harm the environment. Keeping the possible impact on nature in mind while designing and innovating is a part of being sustainable. Sustainability is also designing with people’s individual needs in mind.

The 11th Hour

I thought that the 11th Hour was interesting because it shows the perspectives of people who have different professions that relate to the environment and sustainability. Environmental problems such as acid rain, deforestation, and pollution were discussed in the video. The dependency on fossil fuels and the increase in diseases in humans are also discussed. The video talked about some of the sustainability designs that can solve some of the problems such as carbon neutral cities, biomimicry, and designing buildings like trees and cities like forests. Videos like this are important because they discuss the way the environment is being damaged and how we can fix it.

Fashion and Sustainability

This article discusses the correlation between fashion and sustainability. Fashion is considered wasteful because clothing styles run a short course and then most clothes are thrown away. Clothing styles are going in and out of style more and more often than they used to, this is good for the economy but bad for the environment. This article is interesting to me because it discusses how fashion and sustainability are related.

Wild Thing Exercise

The Wild Thing exercise was interesting because I got to see the perspectives of the people in my learning community and the people in the other learning communities. We discussed the Fashion and Sustainability article and came up with some dreams and gripes for the article based on how clothing styles cycle. Then we came up with some problem statements for another learning community.

Learning Community

So far, my learning community and I have discussed the Fashion and Sustainability article and have done the Wild Thing exercise. Everyone in my learning community is an apparel design student. I’m going to like working in a learning community because projects are more fun when I can share ideas with someone.

Carbon Footprint

My carbon footprint value is 7.2 tonnes and the ideal value is 2 tonnes. My use of electrical appliances is too high, mainly when I leave my desktop computer on standby. My home energy use is also too high. The insulation in my house could be better and the protection against drafts could be better.

Sustainable Journey

While taking this class, I hope to learn more about sustainability and design. I try to be sustainable by donating my old clothes and by using reusable water bottles, but I hope to learn how to be even more sustainable. I hope to learn more about designing with the needs of others in mind.

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