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Walking into Sustainability, I had my own thoughts on what it is. I believe sustainability is thinking about the environment in every aspect of your life. Whether its what you eat, how you shop, how you throw away trash, etc. I also see Sustainability is how we develop new products to better the environment and to not harm the environment. The fashion industry itself is not a very sustainable industry. The main example of sustainability I can think of in the fashion industry is resale shops, thrift stores, and vintage shopping.

The movie 11th hour, talked about how the we as humans have harmed the environment over time and what steps we should take to fix it. One thing that struck me was that the destruction of the environment is nothing new, its been a fight with the government before most the people in our class could even walk or before we were born. Humans are so focused on the now and what we want at the moment, we never think about how our spending habits and impulsiveness are harming the future. I believe if the government put more focus and money into finding more sustainable practices, we could not only help the environment but create jobs and save money.

Last week we got to work in our learning communities for the first time for the activity Wild Things. Trying to figure out what problems to focus on and how to think in a bigger picture was a little hard. It was interesting to see the other groups thought process and what problems they found. Hopefully as the semester goes on we feel more comfortable spitting ideas out.

My carbon print was not so great. One thing that didn’t surprise me was the amount of meat I eat. I recently have been talking to my friends about cutting down the amount of meat I eat and replacing it with more hearty veggies. I hope as the semester goes on I begin to think in a more sustainable mind frame.


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