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What does sustainability mean to me and what do I consider sustainability? To be sustainable I feel as if you need to have a simple mindset. Sometimes I think people get caught up in all these complex ways to become more sustainable but in reality I don’t think becoming sustainable is all that hard to understand. So with saying that, sustainability to me means to live in a way that keeps our planet clean and livable for many years to come. We need treat our world like we need to treat our bodies. Monitoring what we put into our bodies as well as our world. This could all start with better knowledge on how to be more sustainable. To me being sustainable means you need to recycle, reuse, and to be more organic.

These past two weeks in Sustainable Design for Apparel and Interiors I have gotten a better understanding about being sustainable both in my merchandising careers and in my life in general. Some things we talked about for being sustainable in our work areas were packaging, store design, story telling, conscious consumer, and business models. Packing is such a small part but also a part that we need to help to become more sustainable.

This past week we also got to watch a movie called The 11th Hour. This film explores how we live, how we impact the earth’s ecosystems, and what we can do to change our course. Different scientist took us through all parts of the world showing us the most important issues that face our planet and people. Some of these key environmental issues included fossil fuels, costs of oil, and global warming.Also this week Reading Fashion and Sustainability was really made me realize that this issue of unwanted clothes needs to be solved.

During this past week we did a Wild Thing exercise. In this exercise we were to develop a solution to a problem by venturing as far into left field as possible. As a learning community we were to come up with dreams and gripes that related to the environmental and social issues. By the end of this exercise we had to turn our solution into a reality. The name of our solution was the “Repurpose Act”. We said that the government could enact a law mandating that all clothing manufactures recycle their unused fabrics and also have recycling bins at all stores for consumers to recycle their unwanted clothing.

Working with my new learning community for the first week as great. We all worked very well together on our Wild Thing exercise, coming up with all different kinds of solutions to help the issues. Working on these environmental and social issues this week as taught me that I need to become more sustainable in my life. From here on out I’m going to start by recycling and reusing my clothes.

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