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I was not able to make it to first lecture due to some scheduling confusion but Lecture 2 was interesting for me. It was an introduction to sustainability for me and it opened my eyes to not only sustainability in my personal life but also at work as well. I have also heard of the triple bottom line before in my management class but I never really looked at it in a sustainability perspective. I have only seen it in a business and management perspective. but this class got me thinking about it in a whole new way.

I see sustainability as a way to better your society and environment by decreasing waste and recycling and reusing more.

The Fashion and Sustainability article was very interesting because you do not normally think of fashion being a problem in the environment or society. But after reading this article, I see that it is a major problem because of how quickly the fashion cycle can change, especially when you are talking about a fad. This article brings up a good point that we need to find a way to make sustainability as quick as the change and as consistent as the change in fashion to be able to keep up with it and reduce the waste that it causes.

The Wild Thing exercise was a very interesting yet fun experience because it was very rewarding to be able to freely think outside the box to try and solve an issue without any boundaries even if it is unrealistic, then turning that idea into something that could possibly be realistic in the future. We came up with a robotic fish that could literally eat and disintegrate waste in the ocean in a way that is not only harmless to its surroundings but also helpful for the fish and animals that live in the water.

One thing I learned from my learning community members is that, even though we are all in the same major with the same option, we see it from all different sides as different people. This helped us to be able to tackle things in multiple ways and find the best solution that was thought up of between the three of us. They also challenge me to think outside of my own box and to try and exceed my boundaries to come up with something different from what I am used to to be able to expand my mind.

My carbon footprint value is 4.9 tonnes. One practice that leads to this is my lack of recycling paper/cardboard. Another is that I eat too much dairy though that was only by a little. The third one was my dishwasher setting not being on economy but on regular cycle.

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Even though it is early in the semester, I know that this journey will go beyond the class. I already see waste everyday at work and this class has already inspired me to see if there is anything I can do to begin to change that. I also am very aware of the recycling opportunities we have on campus but that is not the case at my apartment nor is it at my house back home. It would have to be a choice we would have to change within the household. This is something I a, willing to start working towards changing for myself and for when I have children some day, but also for the future of the planet. I believe that this class is what I need to become more educated not only for personal reasons but to hopefully make a difference in my field of study someday.

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