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When thinking of sustainability, you instantly think green, plants, recycling, etc. To me, sustainability is more than that, it is a way of life. When watching a video about a Native American who lived in Alaska he summed it up perfectly. Being sustainable is thinking ahead. Putting the future generation ahead of your excessive wants and needs.

Even though I know what sustainability is, changing your life to fit that lifestyle can be very hard. It is easy to push away the thoughts of sustainability because you are too busy enjoying the “now”. I for one am very guilty when it comes to that thought process and I think most people are. The movie the 11th Hour I feel should be shown in every class possible that it could potentially pertain to. Even simple high school science class because I feel it is that important to spread awareness. Honestly, if it was not for this class I probably could have gone years without paying much attention to sustainability. Our society makes it easy to block out sustainability.

In the 11th Hour it shows vivid pictures on how our environment is actually doing. It is easy to hear people talk and tune them out but when seeing pictures, it makes it that much more real. It is amazing to me that the people of Earth continue to do what they do to our environment. I know it is not as easy as flipping a switch, so much of how our world run is so structured it seems impossible to change. Although I believe that all it takes is little steps at a time. Someone who wants to lose weight starts with baby steps then eventually their whole lifestyle has changed for the better and they would never dream to going back to how they were living before. That is what big companies and factories need to do.

The 11th Hour was a perfect lead into the article Fashion and Sustainability. The fashion industry is one of the largest in the world and as such creates just as much waste and pollution. What really hit me was the fact there are so many people who want organic cotton and clothes that are good for the environment but do not actually want to pay more money for the product. I wonder if people start to spend the money on eco-friendly products if the price will start to go down? I also wonder if we do an experiment and mix in eco-friendly tops with normal polyester tops around the same price range and see if people would buy it. I am really curious if it is the persona of people who dress organically that throw people off of wanting organic clothes. If the clothes did not advertise what they were and were just being sold as any other shirt if it would be bought more? I am anxious to see what will happen in the future.

When doing the ‘Wild Things’ exercise, I noticed that many groups had the same theme. Many groups listed problems like clothes in the landfill and large corporations not caring. I think that those were listed multiple times because those are some talked about a lot. I also think people think of the landfills because it is seen as something we can easily fix it is just a matter of getting people to take charge and dispose of old clothes properly. My group and I tried to focus on the problem of sustainable products being too expensive. I thought it was hard to find a solution for that because the technology right now for sustainability is expensive to make. My group came up with an idea that stores should promote recycling by offering store discounts whenever a customer brought it used clothing or even product bottles. I learned my learning community has similar views about sustainability as I do. We see that harm that the retail world is having on our world and we want to be able to do something about it even if it is something small. I am excited to see what we continue to learn and create together.

My carbon footprint value is 8.6 tonnes. What made it that much is that I do not recycle very much. I can buy a trash can for recycling and I think that will help my roommates and myself a lot more. It also talks about how much energy my house wastes. Unfortunately, I cannot do too much about that. I just have to make sure I turn lights off and watch TV less.

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