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In week two, we were introduced to what sustainability is and how it can be achieved. After this week, I realized that sustainability does not just revolve around being environmental friendly but it also deals with considering a product’s life cycle from beginning to end and how it will further effect ones future. Sustainability is about considering the effects of ones actions and how the results of living an unsustainable life can affect us in a variety of ways.

11th Hour Movie:

The 11th hour movie allowed us to hear from a variety of people from different professions and showed us the effects of living an unsustainable life and the damages to come. We hear about global warming and climate change but people don’t have a vision of the effects that are currently going on, in which this movie gave us a glimpse of. One thing I didn’t consider before watching this movie was how living an unsustainable life can add to the cause of natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, droughts, etc. One thing that caught my attention was how we are affecting rain forests and how this ultimately can hurt us in a flood disaster since the trees can store large amounts of water. Another aspect that I found interesting was how politics are involved in putting a barrier between us leading a more sustainable life.

Fashion and Sustainability Article:

Short-lived fashionable products are one of the many forms of unsustainable practices executed by the fashion industry; however, product longativity is not the answer. Promoting a more sustainable life does not happen over night in fact it needs to happen in increments. The fashion industry/ designers need to design with the intent that what they are creating will not be sustainable in the future. In other ways we should create products that have the intent of being reused when disposed.

Wild Thing Exercise:

This exercise allowed to us to feed off of each other’s ideas in order to come up with a variety of solutions but ultimately focus on implementing one. It allowed us to take a different learning communities idea in regards to sustainability and apply it into a proposed solution.

Interacting with Learning Community:

Being able to bounce ideas off of one another in my learning community allowed us to focus in on key points that we thought were beneficial to get across. It allowed us to simplify the matter/ task at hand by letting each of us express our different opinions and coming up with the best solution.

Carbon Footprint:

My current lifestyle clearly needs some changes in order to live a more sustainable life.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 10.16.06 PM.pngFuture Sustainable Journey:

Over the course of this class, I believe that my eyes will be opened to what sustainability truly means as well as how to implement it in my everyday life. I think often times I have the intentions of wanting to do what’s right, what’s best for the environment, but I end up not knowing enough about the actions required to live a sustainable focused life.

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