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In the past two weeks of lecture, I have learned more about sustainability than ever before. In previous classes that I have taken, sustainability has been introduced which undoubtedly got my mind thinking toward that way. However, within the last few lectures in this class, I find myself thinking about sustainability in my field more frequently than ever before. I never realized how much our world is in trouble because of the lack of knowledge in this subject but that is most definitely the case.
Personally, I define sustainability as the effort of making our world a healthier and more environmentally friendly place. If more companies and individuals all over the world would think with a more sustainable mind, our world would not be in the environmental state that it is currently.


When watching the 11th Hour, I began to see the possibilities that are in front of me every day to make more sustainable decisions. For me, the movie was a huge eye opener. Like I mentioned above, most are not educated on making our world more sustainable. It is movies like this that are going to make the difference. Little changes from everyone on earth could change the destiny of the earth. As of now, we are looking at a horrible future. If we do not change the way we live, future generations will suffer from our careless decisions.


The Fashion and Sustainability article that I read was an eye opener as well. However, this was more personal and relatable for me because it was directed to my major. In the apparel process, there are many things that are done that have negative effects on the environment. From dyes that pollute waters and pesticides on cotton, the apparel industry is leaving a massive footprint on this earth. Animals are also being affected as 130,000 are killed daily in order to meet consumers needs. Much of this is wasted along with a lot of other materials from just this industry alone. Big changes need to be made in order to reduce the footprint we have made.


When completing the Wild Things worksheet, I had a lot of fun. Personally, I liked seeing everyone’s different ideas addressing different problems in the industry. My learning community and I liked coming up with the wild ideas because it was an opportunity to break free from the norm to come up with solutions. We decided to find a way to regulate how much consumers spend on new clothing instead of recycling old. We came up with the idea to create an I.D. that you have to scan before purchasing something new. After you reached your limit, you would not be allowed to buy anything new for a certain amount of time. as stated above, this was a wild idea that would never pass in the United States, but that’s what made the activity fun!


My carbon footprint value was 6.2 tonnes. This value was as large as it is because of my water usage, recycling and lighting habits. I tend to enjoy taking baths but never realized how much water is used when I do this. Taking showers is much less excessive and does the same job. Living in an apartment, it is hard for me to remember to recycle. Most of the time, I don’t even do it, which is shameful to admit. This is something that I definitely need to improve on. Lastly, my lighting usage is shameful to admit also. In the common areas of my home, I have a bad habit of leaving the lights on. This is extremely bad for the environment and now that I am more aware of it, I plan on improving this as well.


Over the next few months, I plan on growing on my sustainable thoughts. I want to keep the environment fresh on my mind so I can make better decisions regarding it. In just the two short weeks that I have been in this class my mind has already been changed in a positive way. I am eager to see how my time in this class changes the way I view the world and what I do to change the way I currently live for the better.

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