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Throughout my education daily life, I have been exposed to different aspects of being sustainable in our environment. And the mantra, reduce, reuse, and recycle have been heard many times whether it was in school or on the television advertisement. That was the first impression for me when I heard of being sustainable, I always tied that to the recycling mantra. I am aware that Oklahoma State University has an organization facilitated by the facility management group, the sustainable organization. As an interior design student, we get to tour around campus and being showed the effort being put into making OSU a more sustainable campus. Some really cool machine has been installed in the student union so that student can learn how much water and electricity has been reserved by installing sustainable material through the building.

In the 11th hour movie, it talks about how human’s selfishness makes them pay for what they deserved because human has been polluting the environment for what they think is for their own good. They make a lot of money by using lots of chemical in order to create the product that they wanted without thinking the side effects to the environment. The air quality of the environment has been polluted because carbon has been released in the process of making the fabric for clothing. Chemicals being dumped into the ocean affecting lots of living things that lived in the water.

In the Fashion and Sustainable article that I read, it talks about how fashion plays a huge role in the design industry because the products that is created gets outdated easily and has to be renew every other 6 months. This will force the industry to push boundary and be more creative when they are trying to come up with creative design solutions while still need to keep in mind that sustainability issue need to be concerned. The key to achieving sustainability in product is to create a product that can last longer.

While we were doing the Wild Thing Exercise, we have learned that bouncing off ideas with other people is a good idea in creating different ideas. The other aspect that I found interesting is that we found out there is a lot of sustainable issue out there that people in different careers facing. By developing all these crazy ideas that we have within our groups was a fun way to get us engaged through the process and also keep our brain rotating and be open minded with all the possibilities out there. I have also learned that within our learning community, not everyone really thought about the issue that are affecting us nowadays, thus we need to raise more awareness about sustainable issues.

It was really surprisingly when I found out that I was creating 7 tonnes more carbon footprint that I supposed. I liked the website because it actually gives me some good suggestions on how I can reduce carbon footprint by recycling more steel cans. In addition to that, I was also encouraged to use more green electricity in my home to help reduce carbon footprint. This will help me keep myself on track in order to be more sustainable while living my life.

I think over the next few months, I will be more proactive in dedicating myself to create a more sustainable lifestyle which will help create better environment for us. I will try to recycle more because in this past two weeks, I have learned that even the smallest effort that we put in to create a more sustainable environment will make a huge difference in the long run.

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