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These first couple of lectures we have been learning about what sustainability actually is. I’ve always heard the word but I never thought about it other than recycling my water bottle when I’m on campus however I guess I didn’t realize how many other things I could be doing to be more sustainable. It honestly wasn’t until the Easter island lesson that I realized that what do truly will have an effect on us sooner or later if we don’t do something to change our habits. Also we need to get the word out that there is way more that needs to be done other than just recycling because the more people out there trying to be sustainable the better and quicker we can start making a difference .Even teaching and explaining sustainability more in schools ( elementary, mid and high) that way this way of life is already implanted in the thoughts of our younger generations. Because I know when I was in school they never stressed the importance of it.


Reflection on 11th hour

This movie also showed me once again that our actions will eventually start to effect us if we don’t change something. Also when it started talking about deforestation it made me really understand that it could become an issue in the future. Not even just deforestation though it talked about ocean pollution and other things that are in danger if nothing changes.

Fashion and Sustainability

The article was actually very interesting, I liked the idea of aesthetic obsolenece which is all about taking older items and updating/reviving them to get more use. Which is actually the type of idea my learning community came up with. I think it’s important for us to learn to reuse things instead of just throwing things away and buying  a new one.


Learning Community and Wild things

I am in learning community 8 and the idea my group came up with  is to open a store that focuses on having people bring in their old items and having a designer on sight to turn them into something new. I missed the first day however  today went really well. I enjoyed hearing the other groups ideas especially ones that came from the same problem as my groups but they had completely different and great ideas. Im excited to see where the semester will take us in our sustainability journey.


My habits

I cannot believe how big my footprint is, Most of mine comes from my laptop usage,  lights and laundry, I am going to work to try to lower my number and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Also I am going to start recycling more of my plastics bottles because I do when  im on campus but not when I am not home.


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