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According to the previous lecture explaining Sustainability, I feel more confident of the knowledge behind the word. Being able to build a design to affect the world differently is the process of understanding sustainability. Including the Ted talk of Eben Bayer, reading mushrooms being the new plastic and replacing the Styrofoam blocks in packaging and making an eco-packaging that is more biodegradable.

When I acknowledge the term Sustainability, I think of recycling, biodegradable solutions, and ecosystem of life for the earth health. Sustainability can also be viewed as something without being completely reduced and destroyed. When entering this class I only had the sort of knowledge of sustainability. I learned many other views and facts about sustainability such as it’s known for its environmental science, and the depleting of natural resources. Which will down the line support the long- term ecological balance, and to figure out how to incorporate to energy used through many different products.

The 11th-hour documentary weighed in on the Pro of sustainability and cons of the effect of the toxic waste is causing to the environment. According to the documentary, the human’s role destruction towards the environment explained a lot of global warming issues. The viewing point from oceanographers, medical specialist, and economics historians which are in distinctive professional fields including the environmental scientists. The basic of the movie from my understanding is that we are unaware as humans of this planet. Being unaware or having no solution to prevent future damage and even heal current has caused many horrible effects on the plant. In which causes many climates changes and is the cause of many industrialization impacts.

Fashion and Sustainability:  When reading this article, I learned the many ways fashion effect the world and people positively and how it also affects the world negatively. Fashion is well known in many different overwhelming aspects. The market for fashion is high will stay high considering the many the mini business to the major corporations. It has always been a trending area and will stay as such because of how influential fashion can be. The clothing creates a personality, gives a voice, allows individuality, and style. The negative impact fashion makes are the overuse of clothes that then becomes the waste because of the competition and keeping up with the latest trends. Humans forget waste turns into the trash, and trash turns into toxic chemicals. In which it sinks into our soil and water which causes the natural disasters and drastic impacts on small villages and cities. The industry only cares about the income and how it benefits them only. If change is what the industry truly wants, they should come up with innovational ways for incorporating sustainability within clothes or fashion in general.

When working with others on the Wild Thing exercise, it caused me to use my right brain when thing on how to incorporate sustainability with the questions it was asking. When listening to other group member’s ideas it allowed me to think also in a different direction and to also step out of my own thoughts and think through theirs. It was a great exercise, got a lot accomplished within a group and as group ii liked the exercise. I had a mix of people in a different major besides the one that shared mines which helped on the different outlook of how sustainability could affect their field and the ideas would stem from if they were in the position to figure out how to incorporate ecosystem things.

The carbon footprint I created became 5.7 tons compared to the ideal habit goal which is 2 tons. Which personally means I’m unaware of how much am harming the earth more than I thought. I like the website because it goes into detail about how I can personally do my part in helping the environment. It even shows how the ideal body figure is fit compared to the body figure I created based on my results which gained a lot of weight.

My journey regarding sustainability will vary in growth as the classes pass, as I gain knowledge I plan to put my feet forward in truly working on living a healthy life and helping the environment the best way that I can.

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