My Sustainable Journey

Past two lectures

During the past two lectures I learned that being sustainability is hard to use it in a real life situations but keeping the environment clean is important for no global warning. Also I learned that others learning communities speaks sustainability to them as an important item. However, by watching the 11th hour movie it came to me how much being sustainability can save many lives out there neither nature nor humans. It taught me how to look at sustainability more important into details because it can help global environmental in a nicer way. In the other hand, no one cares or knows what the world is doing out there that causes crisis to themselves. Which means that sustainability to me is keeping the environmental nice and clean.


Sustainability in my own words means to keep the environment nice and clean. To keep the environment clean is by meaning no liters, no wastes, no pollutions, and etc. By doing these in my real life situations whenever I eat that has leftovers I kept them either in the fridge until the next day to eat it. Also in my fashion design class, the fabrics that are wasted I tend to keep them for later used until it’s all gone. However, by throwing trashes away even though it’s not mine because seeing it there makes the environment unpleasant that can cause global warning. An example of global warning to me is the used of too much water and trees being cut down. To make myself sustainability I have to keep watch of my surroundings of others and nature by keeping environmental clean.

11th Hour movie

My brief reflection on the 11th Hour movie is that the aspects of the Industrial Revolution may have instigated what filmmakers argue is an environmental “crisis”. A few aspects of this is that it produce billions of imports each year using acid rains, oil, fossil foils, and global warning. Also billions of animal taken which causes ocean crisis. However, in the movie it explains philosophies that are deemed “dysfunctional” to a sustainable future by filmmakers in which looking at the image of economy used that technologies emerges by oil. The key environmental issues that we are facing is economy is the most important truth to nature and that 95% forest lost such as trees. The current barriers to sustainability is that nature is giving more causes and climate changes. Another thing in the movie was that humans don’t know how to change the global warning that is surrounding them which faces more crisis to everyone.

‘Fashion and Sustainability’

The article that I read this week ‘Fashion and Sustainability’ is briefly talking about how many water waste are used to make clothes. Such as by comparing organic-cotton to polyester man-made, organic-cotton used up a lot of water to make it. Another thing I read about is that companies are throwing half of the clothing waste away instead of doing something with it. To me this is a big global warning and the waste of water used. However, I’m starting to see how others used recycle stuff to create designs now a days which I’m proud of. In the other hand, other companies or transportation kept on going higher on not being sustainability. This is shocking to me but as long as there are others who cares for the environmental issues which other companies are trying to sustain clothing in a better way.

Wild Thing

My experience doing the Wild Thing exercise helps me interact with my learning communities. Also to talk together how much there are sustainability situations that need to be done. Such as explaining the problems, urgent need of solving, or who it impacts. These questions gives me a second thought that I’ve never think some of these as a problem when being said. In which I myself felt bad but in the same time learning it that values the most. An example for our learning communities is the consumers that are not paying more attention on wastes. By doing that we lists of ideas to grab attentions to everyone in which we chooses Donald Trump for our number one priority because he can convince others worldwide. By doing that we would ask Donald Trump’s wife favorites clothing stores by telling her about the problems then she will convince Donald Trump’s instead of us citizens.

 Learning Community members

What I learned while interacting with my learning communities members is by interacting with them by using different opinions. I like the fact of speaking to different opinions because it feels like I’m learning something new out of them which helps me clearly understands it more. Also by speaking with a group can extends the questions way more deep into details instead of getting it from myself. Which is a good way of learning others perspectives point of view.

Carbon footprint value and practices

My carbon footprint value is to eat less meat. That’s the only value that I have to reduce from because I eat meat most of the time. I didn’t know by eating meat will be a bad thing but when looking back to nature, more animals are being killed to make meat. Which is bad for the environmental issues to the animals extinct. Practices that lead to the value that I got was to eat less meat, by doing that is by replacing meat with something else. By doing this it would help myself being sustainability on nature itself.

Sustainable Journey

My sustainability journey over the next few months is to keep the environmental clean as possible by seeing trashes laying around. Also I will be using some of my wastes to create a certain designs for fun instead of throwing it away. However, I will ask some of my friends what sustainability means to them and how much the environment is issues with global warning. By doing these stuff, it would make myself look proud and nature being environmental friendly.

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