Sustainability Journey: Week One

Sustainability in my own words is the process of utilizing and producing goods that can be used harmlessly for a long period of time. It is becoming more vital in our society to resort to sustainability methods due to the amount of waste we accumulate. The amount of harmful chemicals being emitted into the air is because of mass production done throughout the world to meet consumer needs.

This past week we watched and read several informative videos and articles regarding sustainability and green practices and why it is so important that we should implement eco-friendly systems and methods to our everyday life styles. The first film we watched was titled the 11th hour which featured several leading professionals and innovators today, who are finding ways to make our world more globalized. I found it the film very intriguing for many different reasons. Firstly, they discussed an intriguing argument on all of the different causes of global warming and the different evidence that is connected to it such as Hurricane Katrina, the major Typhoon that hit Southeast Asia, droughts and floods that are occurring throughout the world, and of course the melting of icebergs (due to global warming) being the core cause of this.

Secondly, they discussed the main factor to why sustainability methods are not being taken as seriously as they should be, the government. The government spends millions of dollars lobbying and placing protection towards the oil industry and the giant corporations that stand behind it. They put tax money into helping the oil industry succeed by building more plants and facilities in order to extract as much oil for Americans as they can. While instead they should be funding the creation and expansion of renewable energy that can not only help save the environment and world for future generations, but can also significantly reduce the cost of energy we use through utilizing resources that will not run out such as the sun and wind.

Lastly, my favorite part of the video was the discussion of how man and nature are not two separate entities and should not be seen that way. We should harmonize with nature, not in the hippy type of way, but our everyday life styles should help preserve the world and not destroy it. By looking into biology and design, known as biomimicry, we can create effective and innovative design solutions to recreate and advance the way we live today. In the video the discuss at looking at the way nature behaves in order to redesign our manufacturing facilities, stores, homes, government buildings, public transportation, and many other aspects of daily life. We could create facilities that can cool itself down using a new air conditioning system that merges with the way the wind blows to cool down then building rather than artificial air conditioning that utilizes a significant amount of energy sources. Although this type of drastic change in today’s society is looked down upon, and I truly believe it will take something catastrophic to happen in order for things to change for the better, the possibilities, awareness, and incremental steps to change is very inspiring and intriguing to me.

The fashion sustainability discussed the same points that came from 11th hour, but primarily focused on what the fashion industry should do in order to refocus their methods to be eco-friendly. It pointed out how wasteful the industry is in every aspect of the supply chain and how we can repurpose and recycle or create goods that are biodegradable and can converge back into nature to restart its life cycle again. During the wild things project, we had to choose several different problems in the fashion industry and select one problem to make a wild solution to it. All the problems and solutions were very interesting and with more time to work on the solutions it could be a possibility to changing our methods of wastefulness. It was enjoyable thinking and discussing the different ideas that we could have to combat global warming. Listening to my classmates through our discussion I thought the idea about creating government policies and a robot to clean the ocean were both very interesting and would be an idea I’d personally like to see implemented. Overall I feel like my classmates have really good ideas and strategies towards being a more sustainable nation.

The carbon footprint showed the simple everyday changes I could make in my life to help fight global warming and become a more eco-conscious consumer in society. Although I do not have the money to buy some of the resources such as solar power panels, I can make a small change with the way I dispose of my goods.

For my sustainable journey throughout the next months I would like to work on emitting several bad habits of my own. I want to practice recycling by ensuring I dispose of good in the proper ways, donate my unused or barely worn clothing to a donation center, when I buy new clothes I want to practice buying eco-friendly and long lasting clothes and emitting fast fashion out of my wardrobe, and encouraging my friends and family to do the same. As I learn more about sustainability I would like to add more to this list to help myself practice more doable eco-friendly practices.


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