Blog 2

Easter island was an interesting read because that can happen or probably has happened in the past. It was about how if we use all our resources all the time then they will eventually run out and you won’t be able to survive. The community on Easter island eventually died off because they were constantly using their trees instead of coming up with new ideas.
The Dust Bowl was caused by three different aspect and one of those was caused by us. The farmers had poor farming practices which was a major factor in why this occurred. The Dust Bowl caused a huge drought also damaged the ecology and agriculture. Some people couldn’t survive because all their resources had been ruined because they couldn’t farm.
I am in fashion merchandising and we face sustainability problems all the time. Companies make too many clothes and they don’t get sold. We also don’t reuse clothing, most of us just go out and buy a new outfit instead of thinking how to reuse what we already own to make it new again. There are three different areas in fashion that we can be more sustainable: economic, environmental and social. If we were more sustainable in all those areas, it would help us. We also finished up the last part of the Wild things and it was neat to hear everyone’s idea on how to fix the problems we face in fashion. We all had different idea and solutions to these problems. Also, the article Titanistad was interesting because it referenced the Titanic and compared it to us and the problems we face. Basically, if we don’t come up with solutions to sustainability we will eventually sink.
I thought the article, thinking ahead was interesting because he talked about what self-narratives meant. We are the narrator of our life and we control how we spend it. It talked about foresight which we do when we think about the future and what we want as adults. Paradigms to me means how we view the world or a situation. The tip of the iceberg are problems that occur now and I think that could be global warming. I feel that is a huge problem in today’s society.

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