Blog 2

Blog 2
The lectures from this past week really focused on what we are doing to disturb the earth’s environment. Humans don’t really take the time to figure out what they’re doing to the environment when we create new products or dispose of products. Instead of using nature as a tool we work against it. The fashion industry is a big offender of hurting the environment. The fashion industry creates, sells, and disposes of items without thinking of ways to create fabrics and items that won’t harm the earth.

In our learning communities we got a chance to finish the Wild Things exercise. We got a chance to focus on what problem we wanted to find a solution for. We chose to make a store that OSU students could bring clothes they didn’t want and they could be reused and redesigned by DHM students. I when thinking of the amount of waste fast fashion causes it would be a good way to recreate and be sustainable.

We had a chance to read multiple articles but I really liked the “Looking at the Future Through a Cartoonist Eyes” by Steven M. Johnson. This article focused on how he used the art of drawing cartoons to come up with futuristic concepts. The thing that I connected with most in the article, which was not the main focus of the article, was how he came up with his ideas. I like that he was in a half asleep state after waking up when coming up with ideas, because I’m similar but I come up with my best ideas at night. I find it to be very self aware when someone knows when they think and use they’re imagination and common sense together best.

The in class meditation was nice especially in the morning. I liked that water sounds in nature was the back drop because I actually listen to that when I can’t sleep. I know that questions were asked about where we see ourselves in the future, and other things, but for me meditation is a time to ease my mind and escape for a little while. I meditate when my mind is running away from me and I get stressed thinking about things that need to be done and the future. I’m glad we got a chance to do they in class because it helps with self-awareness.

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