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What I’ve gained from the past two lectures, was the learning community activity worksheet that we had to finish. The creatively of working of others opinions, information, and facts made the worksheet more challenging. It gave my learning community to think outside of our regular thinking habit and think sustainability wise. The lecture also made points in directing towards the environments lifespan which is shortening each year. The idea of thinking two years ahead can save a life within the earth lifespan. When the class saw the video on the dustbowl, and many other natural disasters it reflected how the earth is quickening and the cause and affect the earth can do to humans. The earth is a living organism and should be treated as if our life depends on keeping it alive, but as human, we took the life of the earth for granted and still in the present day the ideal mindset remains the same in many humans. I enjoyed the idea that Rachel Armstrong came up with in regarding of growing a limestone reef naturally, and for it to affect the world positively is the mission and using basic chemistry and more to create this material.
The ted talk I enjoyed the most was the Suzann Lee growing cloths environmental solution because I’m an Apparel Design major. It was very intriguing that her innovation was growing clothes by using natural resources such as tea and growing it in a monitored heated tub. Getting in the mindset of either reusing material and creating it in a new direction or recycle product consistently and strictly could create major positive impacts around the world. Even cutting back multiple uses of a product such as gas, oil and more. That can’t be degraded and replacing a similar product that can biodegradable and can be reused and beneficial. The Dustbowl and the Easter Island stories shared a lot of similarities when it came to the cause and effect towards the earth pollution. The Easter Island showed me as the dust bowl story that the environment will act viciously, because of how we act viciously back. In some cases, we win and lose because of the many lives being taking away and the natural resources being permanently ruined. In the main fact of the earth is the more natural and eco resources and solutions we come up with in the present with will better determine how our future outcome will remain.
The main issues we have In the Apparel Design Industry would be the wastage of fabric, clothes, paper, materials, tools and more. The few items that I did list are some of the crucial items that aren’t being recycled and are full of chemicals in the process of making some of the items. Such as clothes when the United States are overflowed with fabric and products including the local salvation army’s, and goodwills. They dump the remaining clothes not only in the trash but also across countries in small towns and areas that are poorly supported, including a clothes waste yard that piles up over the years and sold to the local communities. Even when making these materials and dying the industries use chemicals for the main processing. The clothing industry should evolve around an eco – system processing and nothing less. It should be several solutions appearing the help the surround poor local people across the country a better surrounding area instead of a waste yard as a neighbor. The clothing stores should also make it standard for clothes to be completely sold before a new shipment and torn or destroyed clothes should be recycled or broken down to form something sustainable. My role would enforce my, suggest within my own business in a due of time of its creation if it’s not done by then.
The cartoonist article was, oddly different, because of the way he viewed sustainably. I personally wouldn’t have viewed it in that form until now and it’s very creative. I could relate to him when he compares his way of thinking regarding the fact he couldn’t work unless he was in a nose free zone away from distraction completely excluded, also in the dame since he came up with the best innovation inventions sketches during traffic with a lot of distractions. Which I do my best work under pressure so when reading this article, I felt understood and a different perspective. The idea is built under pressure and through chaos. The Wild things design idea that my learning community members came up with was multiple ideas of how we could cut out the wastage of clothes and the chemical flowing in the local poor areas in the countries outside of the United States of America. It contaminates the water that the local small communities drink, and the food they plant. Our solution was a natural resource that can replace the chemicals being used that work the same for clothes, but it doesn’t harm the humans or animals and food. The clothing wastage we didn’t quite come up with a solid solution besides recycling clothing.
The Self-narrative and paradigm help view the life issues in a 5-stage method. Such as the example even in class regarding the iceberg picture. The normal human would see only the tip of the iceberg, but a human with a sustainable mindset see underwater and sees the iceberg complete form. Which in most cases the reason why the earth is destructing slowly and rapidly in some areas of the earth. The paradigm is what can lead us to the starting point of change regarding the unsustainable issues that are causing the main issues with the earth eco-system. The natural disasters in many eyes are under the water like the majority of the iceberg. It’s like until we see the bigger picture with eco-system and stop some of the motive/roots of the natural disasters. They will get more vicious each time around, because of the ignorance of most of our mindsets including me. The mind of the normal person is what trending is a most need must, not where it come from does harm the world, or even does it harm me. If more people view sustainability as a new begin the more we will see and become a part of a rebirth of the earth.
In class, the meditation moment was honestly more of a mind clarity moment including peace. I didn’t think much of sustainability solutions, or how I could make things better. With saying that it makes much sense of why my carbon footprint was so high as a number, even though I’m aware of the issues. I think maybe it won’t work out as we think it would, that kind of mindset ruins the earth. I want to become free from that mindset before the end of this semester I want to become hope for the plant and encourage others around me to do the same.

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