Blog 2

This past week I learned about many different things. I didn’t that many people consider the lack of people at Easter Island, is due to deforestation. It makes sense because deforestation is bad for the surrounding environment. It can cause the soil to not produce plants and food as well as it did before. The Dust Bowl has a similiar story. The Dust Bowl was due to poor farming habits and a severe drought. Thus, causing huge dust storms for several years and causing many people to move away.

Sustainability problems in my field would be the poor disposal of dyes and other toxics going into apparel manufacturing. Many factories just dump out the harmful waste after they are doing using it. This causes the water supply to be in very poor condition as well as the surrounding environment. A sustainable change would be to use more natural dyes and more natural fabrics. This would help solve the problem tremendously. The role I could play in helping this is making more conscious purchasing decisions and making sure what I buy is from a sustainable company.

I enjoyed reading the Cartoonist article. I thought it was interesting how he was able to make a new job category for himself and others. No one really thought of futurism as being part of a job. With his drawings and cartoons he was able to achieve his goals and have his dream career.

My learning community did excellent on the last part of the Wild Things assignment. We were able to come up with a great solution to the previous problem. Our problem was making more sustainable practices cheaper and more accessible. We came up with using community recycling areas for large groups of people to use. We also came up with more recycling options for around schools. Most public schools do not have many recycling options. We would make it more accessible to more individuals.

Self narratives are what how we see ourselves. A paradigm is made up of self narratives and a person’s habits or what they continually do and repeat. The Titanic Syndrome is the thought that everyone is in this together, so it really doesn’t matter what you personally do. This can relate to how people view their habits. Thoughts like “It really doesn’t matter what I do because many people are doing the same thing”, are what is slowing down sustainable practices. If more people recycled or changed their way of thinking it would get more people to adapt these changes.

I enjoyed the in class meditation. It made me think of how I see my future self. I didn’t realize how much I felt I knew my future self. I know how I want my office to look. I also know how I want my future house and who is all in it. It was exciting to think about the future and how I perceived it.


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