Blog 2

Past weeks lectures

Last week’s lectures and reading were all pretty eye opening for me because we talked about more aspects of waste that I hadn’t thought of before like the waste from dying clothing and especially the clothing we throw away all the time. I had actually just seen an advertisement for H&M where you can bring your clothing in to recycle and I believe you can get a discount for doing so which I thought cool and a good way to be sustainable. I really think we need to stress the issue more in our industry because I don’t think they realize how much of an issue that it really is.

Easter Island and Dust bowl

The Easter island was so interesting to me mostly because I guess I never realized hoe deforestation and over using our resources can really effect an entire civilization. I mean I know I’ve been told about it before and how it’s not good but I think I only thought of it has the animals not having a place to live not any further than that. The dust bowl was also interesting because being from Oklahoma it’s something that I always heard of but never thought about how we didn’t really learn from it and how we should do things in order to make sure that we don’t set ourselves up for a similar situation to occur.

Problems in my field

I think the biggest problem in my field would be clothing waste like I stated earlier in the blog I think we need to encourage more stores to do recycling programs to cut down on the waste because even just taking your clothing to good will doesn’t mean someone will use them if we could get the stores to use the recycled clothing’s fabric to make new clothes it would be more beneficial.


The article that stuck out to me the most would be titaisad which talked about and compared the titanic sinking to the problem we have now with over using resources and how the earth is reaching its capacity level . It was pretty eye opening because like the article said just like how everyone on there was in trouble everyone on the planet will be in trouble once if we keep doing the same things and nothing changes

Meditation Reflection

During the mediation exercise we were asked to imagine ourselves in the future. It was pretty cool to try to imagine myself because I could tell I was in a bigger city but couldn’t necessarily tell which city it was and it looked like I was a buyer but once again it was kind of fuzzy which is probably because I’m so confused about what I want to do in my future. Ever since then I have been thinking a lot more about my future and getting more excited about the concept of moving away.

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