Blog 2

The lectures of the past week dealt with using our resources wisely. When we read the Easter Island and Dust Bowl stories, it really highlighted how when we over use the earth’s natural resources it can take a turn for the worst. In the case of Easter Island it was very sad because it was such a remote area and they deforested so much that the land was hardly habitable anymore. As for the Dust Bowl, farmers in the early 1900’s just farmed everything they could with no respect for the land, which in combination with a drought just depleted the land’s fertility forcing many to travel to new lands and escape the harsh conditions that they had created.

In the field of merchandising I believe there are many sustainability problems. Companies do not source ethically as all they are worried about is just the bottom line, not the triple bottom line which we learned is much more important to society as a whole, and not just to business. I hope to be able to work for a company that I am proud to be at, because their practices are sustainable. And I also hope that being ethical and responsible is looked up to wherever I end up in after graduation. I hope that I am able to make morally correct decisions without fearing that the company I work for will fire me because they care more about money.

The Thinking Ahead article was my favorite that we had read for last week’s class. This article talked about how we need foresight (ability to imagine the future) in order to improve ourselves. The author of this article also state that a person “cannot be wise without thinking ahead” and this resonates a lot with me. Perhaps my favorite quote from any articles I have read during my college career comes from this one which says, “The future is the only reality we can do anything about.” I believe that that quote can pertain to so many aspects of life, whether it is bettering yourself physically, emotionally, mentally or making more conscious decisions to be sustainable – we can change our futures!

The last stage of our Wild Things was to create a Reality. Our learning community decided that we would have the government propose the “Re-purpose Act,” which mandates al clothing manufacturers and retailers to recycle their unused fabrics, and also have recycling bins at all stores so consumers can take part in this and rid themselves of unwanted items. I would definitely participate in this if this was such a thing in real life, and I hope that one day the government can step up their environmental actions.

Paradigms are norms that are widely accepted. I believe that we need to change our self-narrative to be more sustainable, thus changing the paradigms! If everyone that it was normal to be very conscious of what they did environmentally, than the world would be so much better!

I liked the in class meditation. The only meditation I had ever done was meditation to completely clear my mind, not to envision things during that time. During my meditation I was happy to see that what I value most was what I was thinking about, such as family and comfort.

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