Blog 2

Blog 2

Since I have grown up in Oklahoma I learned a lot about the Dust Bowl. Even though I have learned about the Dust Bowl for many years in middle school I still learned something about it. I learned that there were towns and states that would not allow people to move into their towns. I know that hundreds of people died because of starvation and storm conditions, but I did not know that there were so many people died due to breathing related illnesses. I did not know anything about Easter Island before reading the article. In 1722, Dutch Admiral Roggeveen, visited the island and found that there were about 3,000 people who were living in caves and huts. The people living on the island were engaged in cannibalism just to try to stay alive and get nutrients. The people living on the island were in great poverty.

There are many different sustainable problems within my industry. Some of the ones that I noticed while I was doing my internship was the single use waste of items. I worked in a wedding planning and floral company. We would receive at least 20 boxes of flowers each week. While we would use come of the cardboard boxes for delivering flowers to a wedding most of the boxes ended up in the trash. The biggest thing I thought about this was “why do we not have a recycling bin to put these boxes in”. Not only would it be more sustainable, but it would also have helped the trash overload. I would have to get into the dumpster each week to stomp on the boxes to make more room for other trash. Another sustainable problem that I noticed was the candle use and waste that we would have. Every wedding we did we would have at least 100 tea light candles and anywhere from 50 to 100 large candles. Most of the time the candles would only shrink about 25%. After the wedding the candles would be thrown away. I suggested keeping the ones that still looked new and use them for the next wedding. I also tried different ways to get out the tea light candles out off the votive once it melted completely to the glass. By doing that we were able to save and reuse the votives. Another sustainable problem would be the wedding programs. They are used for about 30 minutes then they are thrown in the trash or left in chairs for the clean up crew. I am not sure of a way to solve this waste of paper

Most people know the grand ship Titanic and that it had been made to be unsinkable. The article talks about what would have happened if people would have know that the ship was sinking sooner than they did. I found this interesting because the people who built the ship did not want to admit that their unsinkable ship was in fact sinking from hitting an ice burg. While, reading this article it made me think about what would happen if people understood that our “unsinkable” Earth is in fact sinking. What would happen if people knew what was happening to the Earth in a clearly understandable way. On some level many people tend to know that the Earth is in danger, but do not understand what all that means. I also wondered if we started teaching sustainability to children in elementary or middle school instead of college. I think if we try to target the younger generations that they would have a stronger influence on adults.

On the last stage of the Wild Things concept that my group did we decided to take the idea from the Emerald Crab. It cleans up algae in fish tank and sea. However, we decided to take it a step further and have it clean up the ocean of harmful chemicals and trash to help purify the ocean and save the fish population. We wanted it to make sure that it was still camouflaged so that other fishes would not want to eat it. We also wanted it to be able to be smart enough, by using ray detection, to know what was trash so it would be able to eat it.

I am not sure that I completely understand self-narratives and paradigms since I was out of class this day. However, I am going to try my best to understand it through the slides. Self-narratives is about one’s personal attitude towards sustainability. Paradigms are behavior that is influenced as a group of people. From my understanding the top of the ice burg is related to self-narratives because someone is focused on making the problem stop. However, the bottom of the ice burg is like paradigms because it is focused on the sustainability. It focuses on solving the underlining problem one and for all.

To me meditation is about clearing the mind and not thinking or focusing on anything. During my meditation reflection I mainly just tried to stop thinking about everything that I had going on and was stressing about. It was not an easy thing to do. I am not good at turning off my brain and not focusing on anything.


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