Janine’s ted talk was focused around biomimicry and what that term means. The idea of biomimicry is to create more sustainable designs. She talked about how biomimicry differs from other approaches to environmental sustainability. She talked about the different concepts of bio-utilized and bio-assisted. Bio-utilized is saving a product or producer, she used cutting wood floors as an example. Bio-assisted is domesticating an organism to accomplish a function, an example for that is cows bred to produce milk. In Pawlyn’s ted talk he discussed how if we could learn how to make things and do things the way nature does then we could be more sustainable. He listed three big changes he believes we need to change to be more sustainable and one of those were biomimicry. He believes if we study the way nature solves problems then it will be very beneficial for us. I believe these two ted talks both touch on biomimicry in similar ways. Janine talks more in depth about it then Pawlyn. Pawlyn discusses other big factors that can help us be more sustainable, not just biomimicry.
Nature as a model is when nature models and then imitates or takes inspiration from these designs to solve human problems. For example, we learn how to clean without using cleaners that may be toxic. Nature as measure means to judge our new innovations in a correct manor. Nature as mentor is a new way to view and value nature. In class, we were introduced to a website called asknature.org and it’s a neat website. You can learn so much about nature, all you have to do is type in a question or topic. My experience on the website was awesome you can search so many different innovations. I read about biomimicry, and saw a course about innovations using nature strategies. It cost money to take but it looks interesting and if anyone is serious about learning new ways to be sustainable that would be a good course to take.
I think industrial ecology is a good system to try and follow in hopes of being more sustainable. The system has many ways to help sustain our world, one that is very important for us as a society is using waste as a resource. Another one that stood out to me is gathering and using energy efficiently and using material sparingly. I have a recycling bin I use and every week when they come to pick my trash up they also take my recycled things. This is how I do my part in recycling, I know I should do more and I’m working on it.

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