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The TED talks with Janine and Michael are truly inspiring. It is amazing what people can take from nature and make it great technology. Nature is always adaptive and people should take note. Nature can effortlessly do things that requires us so much energy. Biomimicry and industrial ecology are the best ways to help our future become more sustainable.

My learning community looked on for the in-class activity. We came up with a couple of ideas that could be solved by nature. One idea we had was the use of leaves as heat insulation. There was an article on the website that showed leaves in Australia being used as insulation. I thought it was amazing that this website contained so many ideas and solutions to problems. The articles on the site are extremely genius and helpful in using nature as inspiration.

The Closing the Loop in Commerce article was very interesting. Benyus came up with a list that listed the 10 reasons of how species have survived over the years. My favorite three of the list is: use waste as a resource, diversify and cooperate to fully use the habitat, and run on information. Using waste as a resource means to take something old and either repurpose it or reuse. I have done this many crafts. I found an old cigar box once, decorate it, and turned it into a storage for jewelry. Someone would have just thrown that out, but I decided to make something useful with it. My second favorite, means cooperate and learn from others. Many people can come up with great inventions and solutions to problems. If we all listen and get along the ecosystem will thrive. Lastly, I feel that if we run on information we can continually create new genius resolutions. Continually learning and experimenting can lead to bigger and better things for everyone.

Industrial ecology is similiar to biomimicry, except that it uses nature’s inspiration to increase natural capital while decreasing the environmental impact. The principle that stood out most to me was: “uses locally sourced materials, including waste and reclaimed resources.” I liked it because many areas of this planet are very different from each other. Using renewable resources locally means that those resources can be used plentiful. This principle also promotes recycling and reusing by including waste. Waste and reclaimed materials can be used to cut cost and to be more environmentally sustainable.

When I am away from my home I either turn off the AC/heater or depending on the weather turn the temperature down or up to save energy and money. I like a lot of natural light in my home. Instead of turning on lights, I like to open the blinds to let in the natural light. I only turn on lights when I have to, and try to leave them off when exiting. During the school year, I carpool with a friend of mine to save gas and lower fuel emissions.


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