Blog 3

This past week’s lectures and ted talks revolved around biomimicry and what it has to do with sustainability. We watched a ted talk by Janine Benyus who discussed how we should learn for nature and treat it like our teachers. I thought that was interesting because sometimes we really do look at nature and figure out how to do some of the things like flying etc but when it’s something that we think we can do better we tend to forget how smart nature really is especially now that we can see how mans actions are effecting the environment. She stressed that using nature for sustainable designs is the key for the future. You would think that we would of realized that using natural materials would be much better than the man made things and help eliminate pollution. The ted talk we watched by Michael Pawlyn opened my eyes a little more to what nature can really show us. He is an architect that uses nature as inspiration for his designs. One of his examples was the fact spider webs are being turned into strong fibers that cannot be manufactured.  We need to stop consuming and  throwing away our resources and learn to use and reuse what we have. Also changing to a close-looped model and learning to use  things.

One of the articles that we’ve read that I liked was closing the loops in commerce. It discussed some interesting topics and gave a neat perspective to someone who is new to the sustainability journey, she talked about a lot of things but some of the mains points were to use waste as a resource, gathering and using energy efficiently and not fouling our nest which are the 3 things I’m going to focus on first in my sustainability journey. I think these 3 things are something we can all accomplish easily by 1. figuring out ways to reuse and repurpose thing whether it be an old t-shirt or making a craft out of an old bottle 2. by limiting my driving and 3. doing my part  not pollute the earth has much as possible.

Currently I have been practicing using natural light instead of electricity. There are so many windows in our house yet my roommates and I tend to always have almost every light  in the house on so lately I’ve been going around and making sure that the lights in rooms that are not being used are off and in the living room and my bedroom I’ve been just opening up the blinds and using natural lighting to help conserve energy which also helps save us money in the end.

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