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I have seen several TED talks about Biomimicry, but the one of Janine was my favorite. I particularly liked the part of when she took a group of people on a trip. They were enjoying seeing nature but were not getting fully involved. While walking on the beach she asked what their main problem was. When they explained it to her she picked up a seashell and explained it to them and how it was related to their problem. Once she explained that the light switched on in their brains and they were trying to figure out how nature could solve their other problems. It was not until the light switched on that it made sense to them about what biomimicry meant.

Michael Pawlyn’s idea for his restaurant was very inspiring. By using the waste from the restaurant as fertilizer to produce food to go back into the restaurant. As well as, having a coffee shop and using the ground beans to produce mushrooms for the restaurant. It got me thinking about how most of the things we use in todays society really is in a linear waste system. If more people actually thought about how to help reuse and use thing to produce different things then I think there would be a lot less waste and our ecosystem would be better for it.

Every person, company, and item has some time of problem. However, not a lot of people realize that nature has already solved those problems for us. We just are not looking and listening to what nature is trying to tell us. Nature knows how to take care of themselves, their future generations, and the Earth all at the same time. Why do we not look at more complicated ways to answer our problems when an answer already exists?

I did not know what to expect when I went on this website. It was cool to see all the different types of things that they are doing. The one I liked the most was the flexible and adaptable condos. These condos will be able to be changed for whoever is living there. That means people can buy a smaller unit and later on buy another one or two to be bale to reconfigure their living space however they want it. The floors on one side of each unit are 10 inches higher than the concrete slab, which allows for easier access to all the utilities to be reconfigured for the owner. They wanted. The point of these condos is to help living situations in downtown areas. Most downtown apartments are very expensive and small, which leads to people having to move to the suburbs even though they work downtown. With these condos it is allowing people to be able to grow and get more space when it is needed and to help cut cost of commuting.

One of the things that I liked was number seven when it talked about not using all the natural resources at once. Animals in nature use a resource but then move one to another resource to allow the first resource to restore itself. Animals do not use all of one resource to extinction. Number one is interesting because it talks about using every single part of an item. Which means that waste is not longer a linear chain but a closed loop. It works with what Michael Pawlyn is doing. The other part I found interesting is number two because of its diversity. We have been brought up to be competitive and always strive to be the best. All of that compition makes it worse for our own ecosystem. However, it talks about making it where everyone has his and her own special role, which allows everyone to win. If everyone uses his and her own talents then it creates less stress and less waste. No one can be the best at everything, but everyone can be the best at something.

Industrial Ecology is using nature’s principles/lessons as a model to increase market competiveness and stability with less impact and an increase in natural capital. This is kind of a confusing definition, however, it is about using waste to help produce. I believe this goes along with what Michael Pawlyn talks about in his TED talk but takes it in a different direction. Instead of a product and its waste making a closed loop it is used to help produce new things. I liked the example of company A makes a product and creates waste, but that waste from company A is then taken to fuel the production of company B. Then company B’s waste is taken to produce energy for company C which is what powers a small town. The electricity and power that the town uses wont have to be produced just for it, but using others waste keeps the waste from polluting and is reused to do something bigger and better.

I am not very good at recycling, but since being in college I have tried to make a more couscous effort to do so. Since Stillwater makes you have a recycling bin, luckily they do not charge us for it, I have an extra trashcan in my house for recycling. I put any cardboard, pop cans, and anything they allow to be recycled in it. I also try not to use lights in my house during the day, instead I just open up my curtains to use the natural sunlight. I like to reuse thing or repurpose them so they are not waste whether it is for a decorating thing or using mason jars for my plants. I think items can have more than one purpose and more than one life. If given the option I like to buy products that are made in Oklahoma one to help support our local economy and two it helps cut down on transportation cost and pollution. I wish I was better at using thing cradle to cradle but I am not good at that. However, since I learned that there are some Goodwill’s that will take all clothing materials and if they cannot be resold they will take them and break the items back down until they are back to their original material. That way they can be reused as a different product, which allows it to be more cradle to cradle.

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