Blog 3

Reflecting on Janine Benyus’s TED talk, there was one thing that stood out to me. She used several examples of how nature has inspired many modern day designs, but the one that I found most intriguing was the example she used about the bird that dives into the water so quickly to see the fish around it and there is absolutely no splash around where the bird dives. She continues by explaining how train designers were inspired by this and renovated a trains design to mimic that of the bird, making it go 10% faster and use 15% less electricity. This is a definite example of how theses designers used nature to not only inspire them, but mentor and teach them how to make a more efficient design. The same is true for the Michael Pawlyn TED talk when he discusses how a beetle can detect a fire from thousands of kilometers away. Both speakers use nature as the source of the speeches and express to the audience that nature can show us more than we can learn from technology. I also believe this to be true when I tried utilizing I attempted to gain more knowledge from the site. However, it has been more helpful for me too listen to TED talks on sustainability and actually observe nature first hand.

Industrial ecology or IE focuses on reducing environmental impacts and increasing natural capital. IE is also described well in the human/environment article when stating: “one of the most important concepts of industrial ecology is that like the biological system, it rejects the concept of waste.” this can be true when the reiterate this statement by telling the audience that when it comes to nature,  nothing is eternally discarded. When we as humans throw out our trash into our environment it doesn’t become waste, it becomes residue. Because I was not present for class during the reverse lecture, I do not have much insight toward that. However, on the matter of IE I feel greatly about this. It really stood out to me about the statement saying nothing is eternally discarded in nature. I just feel as if this is something we do not normally think about when throwing out things into our environment.

Currently I am big on reusing things. I love to take old items that I own and turn them into something new that can be used for different purposes. I do recycle on occasion but it is my personal goal throughout this semester to get better at it and be more responsible  when it comes to getting rid of the waste I throw out.

-Abby Camargo

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