Blog Post Three

This week we discussed both biomimicry and industrial ecology. Both topics are very intriguing to me, as the both look at different ways of utilizing nature to recreate a new sustainable system. I find biomimicry so interesting because there are so many different ways to look at nature in order to design and find solutions to our everyday life styles. By observing nature, and becoming inspired by it, there are thousands of unique solutions that are less harmful for our environment. This week we watched two TED talk’s from two influential leaders sustainable designs, the first was with Janine Benys who discussed 12 examples of the way biomimicry is changing the world today. One of my favorite examples was her discussing the way seashells have similar properties that can be used during the crystallize process in pipe lines and that the company researching it now continues to go on excursions in the ocean to look for ways to redesign their company.

The next TED talk was with the architecture Michael Pawlyn’ who talks about using resources efficiently and that there is different ways to design buildings and infrastructures based on natural principals. He put a lot of emphasis on using the sun as a primary energy source rather than utilizing resources that eventually become scarce while destroying our environment. Although I do not believe solar power is at the capacity to take over the oil industry, I do believe it is a possibility for solar energy to be a main source of energy one day.

Closing the Loop article was very informative, it discussed how wasteful we actually are for both companies and consumers. We need to find a way to use less resources, companies that are green and taking pride on that are making huge advancements and are the leading industries who are making great changes in today’s society. Patagonia is a great example because they encourage consumers to buy less by creating close at higher quality, while still ensuring to use less resources in a eco-friendly way. They also participate in various service projects to help protect nature and animals. is a really interesting website, I find it so unique that you can put virtually anything in and it comes with a series informative articles that can inspire to become eco-friendlier. I used it to look up packaging material and articles came up that gave suggestions on different materials we could use to protect our goods that are biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Currently I am still working on recycling more, I collect plastic bags and put them in the plastic bag donation box at Wal-Mart and I also collect my plastic water bottles and put them in the recycling bin when I collect enough

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